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The big 2017 Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP comparison chart

Red Paddle Co 2017 inflatable stand up paddle board range

Welcome to the giant 2017 Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP comparison chart. Below we list every model we stock, with every possible stat you may want to compare. The board names are linked to the product page for more details, and many of the boards we have also reviewed.

We go into more detail on the features of the 2017 Red Paddle Co boards here. Head here for more information on the RSS Battens. Follow this link for more information on the FCS II Connect tool-less SUP fins or the iFin System. Also new for 2017 are the RAM Mounts featured on many boards. Finally, check out the Forward Flex Control (FFC) system featured on the Elite boards.

For any questions on the Red Paddle Co 2017 range, contact us on 1-888-252-4983 or via our contact form.

If the table below doesn’t display well, click here for the 2017 Red Paddle Co Comparison Chart in PDF, or here for the 2017 Red Paddle Co Comparison Chart in JPG.

Whip8’10”29″3.93″150l18lbs200lbsYes2x iFin, 1x FCS II 8″HPNo1NoNo
Ride9’8″31″3.93″193l19lbs210lbsYes3x iFinTitanFore1NoNo
Ride10’6″32″4.75″240l21lbs220lbsNo3x iFinTitanFore1NoNo
Ride10’8″34″4.75″296l21lbs265lbsNo3x iFinTitanFore1NoNo
Ride L14′47″8″816lTBA4 RidersNo4x iFin3x EzeeFore1NoNo
WindSUP10’7″33″4.75″296l21lbs265lbsNo2x US BoxTitanNo1NoYes
WindSURF10’7″33″4.75″296l23lbs265lbsNoSure-Fin, US BoxTitanNo1NoYes
Activ10’8″34″5.9″320l23lbs265lbsNo3x iFinTitanNo1NoNo
Sport11′30″4.75″300l20lbs220lbsYesFCS II 9″TitanFore1NoNo
Sport11’3″32″4.75″306l21lbs245lbsYesFCS II 9″TitanFore1NoNo
Sport12’6″30″5.9″350l24lbs330lbsYesFCS II 9″TitanFore1NoNo
Explorer12’6″32″5.9″370l25lbs330lbsNoFCS II 9″TitanFore, Aft2NoNo
Explorer+13’2″30″5.9″350l25lbs330lbsYesFCS II 9″TitanFore, Aft3NoNo
Race12’6″27″5.9″340l22lbs285lbsYesUS Box Race FinTitanNo0NoNo
Race14′26″5.9″340l23lbs265lbsYesUS Box Race FinTitanNo0NoNo
Elite12’6″26″5.9″300l19lbs240lbsYesUS Box Race FinTitanNo0YesNo
Elite14′25″5.9″340l22lbs265lbsYesUS Box Race FinTitanNo0YesNo
Dragon22′34″8″984lTBA4 RidersNoUS Box4x EzeeNo0NoNo

See the full range of 2017 Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPs here.

Be sure to contact us with any questions. With the vast array of options and boards that overlap in performance, choosing the right one can be tricky, but we’re here 24/7 to help. Reach us via our contact form, or call us on 1-888-252-4983 and we’ll get you on the water faster than you can say blueberry pancakes.

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