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Green Water Sports is proud to stock Starboard inflatable paddle boards in our store. Starboard is a trusted, innovative brand that has 25 years of experience in board building. Their main goal is to build their boards stiffer, lighter, more stable, safer and more durable. One feature, one of many unique to unique to Starboard inflatable SUPs, is their Welding Technology. Starboard also offer their Deluxe Double Chamber system.

We carry a wide variety of Starboard inflatable paddle boards to suit different skill levels, disciplines, and budgets. If you love to race your board across the water, try their Sprint Airline board, one of the fastest flat water boards on the market. Or if you want a board that’s remarkably durable but still lightweight and effortlessly maneuverable, their Deluxe series board holds up. We also carry their Windsurfer boards for fans of both paddling against the crashing waves and surfing with the howling wind.