Paddleboarding Technique: The Basics

how to stand up paddle board green water sports

Paddleboarding is such a great sport for anyone with its ease of accessibility, endless diversity and remarkable health benefits. Whether you’re athletic or not, once you’ve learnt the basics, the world really is your oyster on a paddleboard. To help you utilize your progression on the water, we’ve outlined the basics of paddleboarding technique. Let’s Start With Going Straight To help you preserve energy and have control over where you … Read More →

How To Get Your Dog On A Paddle Board With Red Paddle Co

how to get a dog on a stand up paddle board green water sports

The folks over at Red Paddle Co have released a series of short videos call “Red Shorts.” They take a quick look at some of the facets of stand up paddle boarding and how to best enjoy our time on the water. Today’s short sees Jay and his bestest friend, Marley, learn how to paddle board together. “Hi everyone! My name’s Jay and this is Marley the Sprocker Spaniel. Today … Read More →

Top 3 Physical and Mental Benefits of Paddleboarding

2021 red paddle co ride inflatable all round paddle board nature green water sports

Paddleboarding is an incredibly diverse sport with an option suited for every ability, fitness level and age. But, amongst this diversity, no matter which direction you take the sport, the physical and mental benefits of paddleboarding are particularly impressive. Below we’ve listed our favourite reasons why, so you will never miss a session again! Mental Health Booster It’s no secret that working out makes you feel good inside, but when … Read More →

A look at the 2021 Starboard inflatable paddle board range

2021 starboard inflatable stand up paddle boards best isup green water sports

Arriving in just a few days are our first batch of 2021 inflatable SUPs from Starboard. An evolution of the popular 2020 range, the 2021 boards feature new graphics and a few outline tweaks. Let’s have a look at the range and what’s changed. 2021 Starboard iGO Inflatable All Round Paddle Boards The Starboard 2021 iGO inflatable paddle boards are known for being steady, having good speed and being super … Read More →

Review of the 2021 Red Paddle Co 10’6″ x 32″ Ride inflatable paddle board

2021 red paddle co 10 6 x 32 ride review green water sports

So what exactly have they updated for 2021? What features have they changed, what details are refined, are the boards better? Should I get one, or maybe the 10’8″ Ride? In an attempt to answer these questions, let’s begin with the 2021 Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride review and videos. TL;DR: Red Paddle Co have somehow managed to improve upon perfection, again. With a more efficient and compact Titan 2 … Read More →

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