Review of the 2022 Starboard 14′ x 28″ All Star Airline inflatable racing paddle board

2021 starboard all star airline inflatable racing paddle board fast sup green water sports

In this review we’ll take a closer look at the 2021/22 Starboard All Star 14’0″ x 28″ x 6″ inflatable racing SUP and see if the board has a place in the market, or if, as a serious racer, you should head straight to a hard board. TL;DR: The 2021/22 Starboard All Star 14′ x 28″ inflatable racing paddle board is basically a hard board – bring a step ladder … Read More →

Top 5 Beginner Kayaks of 2021, featuring the Tahe 11’6″ Beach SUP-Yak

best sup kayak inflatable paddle board sup yak

LOUNGE AROUND – Seat and footrest are easily removed to create a clutter free space to call home on the water while you play or relax. A soft get grippy deck pad runs the entire length of the board, perfect for pets, kids, yoga and naps. 100% Paddle Board, 100% Kayak, 200% FUN! While pricing has increased a little since this video was made, the SUP-Yak still offers excellent value … Read More →

How to paddle your SUP in a straight line

how to paddle straight on my paddle board sup green water sports

Have you ever zig zagged your paddle board down the river thinking there has got to be a better way? Paddling straight involves many factors, including: board shape, water conditions, paddle length, your height, paddle blade shape, just to name a few. However, it is paddling technique that is the biggest factor. Beau Nixon from SUPboarder talks us through a few technique tips for straighter paddling. How to paddle straight … Read More →

How To Deflate And Pack Your Starboard Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

how to deflate your paddle board

Today on the Starboard ‘How To’ series, we are going to outline how to deflate and pack your Starboard inflatable paddle board. Step 1 – Deflate To deflate, start by locating the valve where you inflated the board. Once located, we can release that valve by rotating it counter clockwise. Then, you can press the pin down and lock it in the down position to deflate. When you press down … Read More →

How To Inflate Your Starboard Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

how to inflate paddle board

To get your session started, we are going to explain how to inflate your inflatable board. Before you start getting any equipment out, you want to make sure there are no sharp objects around as they can easily damage your board. Assembling The Pump To start pumping, we need to assemble the tiki pump by connecting the hose to the inflate mode (INF), located on the body of the pump … Read More →

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