Top 5 reasons why inflatable SUPs are perfect for your Fall adventures

fall paddling on inflatable stand up paddle boards

Every season brings the opportunity for a new adventure and a new perspective on the outdoors and we think inflatable paddleboards are the perfect companion to see all of this and more. Find out our top 5 reasons why inflatable SUPs are perfect for your fall adventures below! 1. They Are Incredibly Convenient As the season begins to change to fall and the days get shorter, convenience really is key. … Read More →

The new 2021 Red Paddle Co RSS battens

John Hibbard from Red Paddle Co walks us through the new RSS battens from 2021. Hi guys, John Hibbard here from Red Paddle Co HQ. I’d like to introduce to you the 2021 RSS batten. First thing you’ll notice, a new color, day glow orange. This makes it much easier to find on the beach when you’re packing up at the end of a long day. You won’t lose it … Read More →

Red Paddle Co 2021 inflatable stand up paddle board product guide

red paddle co 2021 october launch

The time has finally come, Red Paddle Co have just announced their range of 2021 inflatable paddle boards that are available by pre-order now. The focus for the 2021 product lineup is on refinement of each product, premium features and look, and implementing innovative design and technologies to further advance their industry leading position. Racing, kids, family, and specialty boards will be available in March 2021. These boards include the … Read More →

Paddle boarding safety tips from Red Paddle Co

paddle boarding safety tips with red paddle co

While many areas enforce PFDs and life jackets, we at Green Water Sports, like John, believe a leash is your most important piece of paddling gear. We never paddle without one, regardless of the conditions. Once you have the leash, be sure to also abide by the local laws regarding PFDs. “If you don’t have a leash, don’t go paddle boarding.” Tune in to the video above for more safety … Read More →

Repairing your punctured inflatable stand up paddle board

how to repair your inflatable paddle board puncture with starboard

We all have those days when s#!t happens, and usually for the silliest of reasons. Anyway, we’re here to help. If you’ve got a puncture or small rip in your paddle board, this video by Starboard will explain how to repair your inflatable paddle board puncture. Items you will need: Hair Dryer Glue and PVC patches from the repair kit Tape Brush or spatula Acetone A cloth Gloves and mask … Read More →

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