Review of the Red Paddle Co Carbon & Nylon Adjustable 70-86″ 3 Piece Paddle

Red paddle SUP paddle 3 travel piece

The package: The 2016 carbon and nylon 3 piece travel paddle breaks down into pieces no longer than 37″ which neatly fit into your inflatable SUP bag. If you leave the adjustable handle shaft section in the main shaft, you have fewer pieces to carry around but the overall length of these 2 combined sections goes out to about 41″. The extremely durable nylon blade measures 7 1/2″ across and 13″ to the … Read More →

Review of the Red Paddle Co Glass & Nylon Adjustable 70-86″ 3 Piece Paddle

Red Paddle Co 3 piece SUP paddle

The glass and nylon combination SUP paddle addresses two main sticking points of SUP paddle design. Entry level paddles often feature a heavy alloy shaft with zero flex while premium level paddles feature fragile blades. The fibreglass and nylon combination gives you a lightweight shaft with some flex for comfort, and a highly durable nylon blade in a true SUP shape ready to be beaten on rocks, sand or in the … Read More →

Review of the Red Paddle Co Alloy Adjustable 70-86″ 3 Piece Paddle

red paddle inflatable paddle board sup paddle

The alloy shaft has a slight oval shape for paddle orientation and grip comfort. It also has a 2/3 length EVA grip which makes it super comfortable to hold when wet. This is a super tough paddle at the right price, and an ideal option for first time paddlers wanting to be on the water and enjoying paddle boarding. We always suggest getting the nicest paddle you can afford. A quality … Read More →

Review of the Red Paddle Co Glass and Bamboo adjustable 3 piece SUP travel paddle

travel sup paddle red paddle co

The glass and bamboo combination SUP paddle addresses the 2 drawbacks of the full glass paddles and the full carbon paddles. Full fibreglass 3 piece paddles tend to be around 35 oz while full carbons are around 31 oz. Full carbon paddles are a little more expensive at $299+ compared to a glass paddle at just $239. The bamboo and glass combination 3 piece paddle comes in at 33 oz and just … Read More →

Review of the Sawyer Globetrotter GT 3 piece adjustable SUP paddle

sawyer globetrotter GT SUP paddle 3 piece

Having a high quality paddle to match your high quality inflatable paddle board is essential. Transferring the power from your body into the board and into forward motion should always be optimised for efficiency, weight and comfort. Many paddles on the market can get you moving but weigh several pounds, don’t flex or don’t fit in the board bag. Enjoying your paddle sessions relies on having quality equipment and with … Read More →

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