Inflatable SUP Valve Adaptors

Inflatable SUP boards are convenient because you can easily inflate or deflate the board for transportation and storage. However, to make blowing up your board much more manageable, you should consider an inflatable SUP valve adaptor.

Pumping with the manual hand pump can sometimes be a chore. Using SUP valve adaptors is a great way to connect multiple pumps or electric paddle board pumps to your board’s valve to make pumping it up easier and, in some cases, faster! You could even attach the adaptor to an air compressor you already own.

Our red paddle electric pump adaptor is accessible and small enough to carry around with you. Whether you’re driving down to a body of water near your home or hopping on a plane and traveling with your gear, these adaptors fit snuggly in storage and take up minimal space.

Other than an electric pump or air compressor, no additional tools are necessary to couple with this inflatable SUP valve adaptor. Purchase yours from Green Water Sports today!