Review of the 2019 Red Paddle Co 9’6″ Compact inflatable paddle board

red paddle co compact 9-6 2019

The 2019 Red Paddle Co Compact 9’6″ is designed for paddlers who want the convenience of a board that packs down to half the size of a regular inflatable SUP without compromising on performance. Unique to the compact 9’6″ is that it ships complete with 5-piece paddle and coiled leash for the full package. Is the Compact 9’6″ truely a revolutionary board? With a high price, come high expectations. Does … Read More →

5 beginner video guides for riding waves on stand up paddle boards

stand up paddling boarding in waves

Getting out in the surf is one of the most enjoyable things to do on a stand up paddle board. You get to ride mother nature’s energy as it breaks over the reef or sand. SUPboarder has put together a great series of videos of how to stand up paddle board in the waves. How to launch a SUP in waves Paddling out over waves on your stand up paddle … Read More →

Starboard 8′ x 28″ Pro Blue Carbon SUP unboxing and walk around video


It’s a new board day! Let’s see the new board as it arrives from Starboard. It’s a 2017 8′ x 28″ Pro Performance surfing SUP in Blue Carbon construction. The board is 8′ long, 28″ wide, 4.1″ thick with 102 litres of volume. Now let’s see it put together with the three Bio-Resin fins installed. The board takes FCS II fins but comes with 2 standard FCS side fins and … Read More →

Detailed video review of the 2017 Starboard Hyper Nut Zen inflatable paddle board


New for 2017 in the Starboard inflatable paddle board range is the Hyper Nut 7’8″ in the Zen construction. 4″ thick, sweet features and Starboard quality. Is it really as good as the Hyper Nuts in hard construction? Will it dethrone the Red Paddle Co 8’10 Whip? Let’s hear from Reuben. We don’t have the Hyper Nut Zen in stock right now, but if you want one, or any other Starboard you … Read More →

6 tips for surfing your inflatable SUP


Reuben is here again with another great video. Today he helps us with how to get the most from our inflatable stand up paddle board in the waves. They surf a little different to traditional hard SUPs or surfboards due to the design features (or limitations) inherent to inflatable paddle boards. He walks us through a few tips while using a Red Paddle Co 8’10” Whip as a display model. Reuben did a … Read More →

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