Get on the water faster with the Titan Pump

red paddle co titan pump

Inflating a board using the Red Paddle Co Titan Pump is not only easier, but also quicker than any other SUP pump. First of all, remove the dust cap from the valve making sure the center pin is in the upper most position. Connect the pump hose to the pull handle making sure not to cross the threads. Take the other end of the pump hose and insert it into … Read More →

4 of the best inflatable SUP pumps tested

Inflatable SUP pump Ezee and K pump

UPDATED Jan 30, 2015: There is a new player in town, the revolutionary Titan Pump. See which Red Paddle Co boards ship with the Titan pump here. I often field questions about how easy or hard it is to pump up your inflatable stand up paddle board. It usually goes along with how long it takes. And since board pressure is such an important factor in their performance, I don’t recommend skimping on pressure to get … Read More →

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