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red paddle co sup fin system ifinRed Paddle Co have reportedly tested every paddle board fin system currently available and even developed their own fin systems to find the best solution. So far nothing comes close to their tried and true iFin system featured on their all round boards which include the: 9’2″ Surf Star, 9’4″ Snapper, 9’6″ Flow, 9’8″ Ride, 10’6″ Ride and 10’8″ Ride). Zero warranty requests since they started using the system mean that they remain confident that it is the best option for most paddle boarders and suits their all round inflatable paddle boards the best. No tools, replacements or spares are needed for the iFin system – it won’t fail. The iFin can handle anything – hitting rocks, grounding on the beach or standing on the board while on the ground are all no problem for the iFin.

These fins are the bomb. Well, bomb-proof!

If they ever need to be straightened out after sitting in your bag for too long or coming from the factory. A little gentle heat from the sun or hair dryer, or a little hot water makes them softer and you can easily bend them back into shape. Use some tape to hold them in position and let them cool in the new position. Hey presto, fin is straight!

Learn more about the Red Paddle Co ownership experience with our introductory guide here.


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