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Red Paddle Co 2017 stand up paddle board product guide


Well, the time has come for the 2017 Red Paddle Co inflatable paddle board range. The Red Paddle Co 2017 inflatable paddle boards continue on the market leading reputation with new innovation, new features, refined details and a whole new board class. Featuring 22 models and 6 completely new boards, it is one of the most complete inflatable SUP ranges available today.

The range covers you from surfing the 8’10” Whip, right up to the 22’ Dragon team racing SUP. In between you have some of the best boards for surfing, all round paddling, touring, exploring, family paddling, hard core racing and team racing.

2017 Red Paddle Co product catalog

Introduced in 2016, the new Monocoque Structural Laminate (MSL) Fusion construction was not just a step forward toward better inflatable paddle boards, but a giant leap forward. Boards had a better finish, blemish free, were stiffer and better performing. For 2017, the MSL construction has been improved again with a thicker, reinforced second layer for even better bonding, finish, durability, consistency and strength. Read more about the industry leading MSL Fusion construction.

Red Paddle Co 2017 new features

Already market leaders in inflation pressure up to 25 PSI, Red Paddle Co has now set the bar even higher for quality of finish, durability, stiffness and performance. So far unmatched by any other inflatable paddle board brand, they were not content to just add a few updates, they also wanted to innovate new technologies for improving stiffness, adding versatility to boards in the range and improving ease of use.


Improved stiffness for the 12’6” and 14’ Elite racing boards has come about with the introduction of the Forward Flex Control (FFC) spar that works in combination with the RSS battens to eliminate any nose and central board flex when racing. More info about the FFC technology here.


For 2017, many Red Paddle Co inflatable boards now feature one or more RAM Mounts to mount accessories such as: cell phone, go pro, camera, fishing gear, GPS, etc. RAM Mounts feature a thread, much like a windsurfing base, where can attach several different types of bases.


Another major update to many of the 2017 Red Paddle inflatable boards is the introduction of the FCS Connect tool-less fin system and longer fin box. The shorter fin box of 2016, while excellent for tight packaging, roll up and drag deduction, did exclude several aftermarket fin options. With the 2017 US Fin Box, it is a little longer so we sacrifice a little rolling convenience for a super simple and easy FCS Connect fin and the option to upgrade your fin to something nicer or more appropriate to your paddling situation.

Other details and upgrades for the 2017 Red Paddle range include:

  • Velcro to secure RSS string tabs
  • Foil lined bag to protect gear against heat
  • Paddle holder system inside bag
  • Titan Pump improvement and refinement


2017 Red Paddle inflatable paddle boards in stock

So, to the boards we have in stock and ready to ship now! Many also come with a free paddle. Don’t hesitate to contact us on 1-888-252-4983 or via email with any questions. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for reviews of the 2017 boards.

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