Paddle Board Camera Mounts

No photos, no proof! Using a paddle board camera mount to capture your SUP adventures is a great way to share the stoke with family and friends and brag about your amazing trip. At Green Water Sports, we share your enthusiasm to capture your favorite moments on the water.

Our SUP camera mount is made with a 360-degree rotation so that you can get the perfect shot of yourself on the board or the water around you. Made from stainless steel with a textured design, these waterproof camera mounts are durable enough for any SUP adventure and easy to grip when wet.


Couple with various adaptors and mounts, the camera mounts can be used to hold GoPros and other action cameras, GPS units, water bottles, or other accessories. The only limit is your imagination.


Don’t wait any longer! Have fun documenting your favorite water sport with paddle board camera mounts. Provide yourself with a way to capture these memories forever. If you have any questions about this product, please do not hesitate to ask.