Red Paddle Co Dragon World Championships wrap up video

red paddle co dragon world championships green water sports

The 2019 Red Paddle Co Dragon World Championships were recently held at Lake Annecy, France. The closely fought ladies final saw the ‘Dragons Angel’s’ from France take the victory. In the mixed division, it was team ‘Dragonfly’ from Latvia who secured themselves first place. The dominant form of ‘SUP RACE Hungary’ in the men’s division, managed to hold off a confident and powerful French team to take the championship title … Read More →

Detailed video review of the 2019 SIC Maui 14′ x 26″ RS Air Glide board


We’ve just recently started selling SIC Maui. While the SIC brand is deeply rooted in racing, downwind paddling and surf SUP, SIC realize that people paddle for a variety of reasons. Paddling can be enjoyed by just about everyone. SIC staff all started as beginners on the ocean, a lake or a river. For most of them, they were introduced to the sport through a friend who had found their … Read More →

A detailed look at Starboard’s Deluxe, Zen and Zen Lite inflatable SUP construction

2019-Starboard-SUP-inflatable paddle boards

In a closer look at the inflatable SUP constructions that Starboard offer, Reuben from SUPboarder talks us through some of the main differences between the Zen Lite, Zen and Deluxe Double Chamber constructions. Starboard Inflatable SUP Construction There are lots of different boards to choose from, and I will be going over the key differences between these constructions. What ones are stiffest, and of course, at the end of the … Read More →

New technologies and features in 2019 for Starboard inflatable paddle boards

starboard inflatable paddle board

We take a look at a few of the fey features of the 2019 Starboard inflatable paddle board range, some of the changes, some of the unique technologies introduced by Starboard, and the new price point Zen Lite inflatable SUP range. Airline Technology Starboard’s most significant breakthrough in tuning rocker lines and deflection is their Airline Technology. This efficient, lightweight technology could change the future of inflatable performance boards. The … Read More →

First look at the SIC Maui 14′ x 26″ RS Air Glide board


Here at Green Water Sports we have just added the popular SIC Maui inflatable racing boards to our site. Available now are the 12’6″ x 29″, 14′ x 26″, 14′ x 28″ RS Air Glide and the 14′ x 28.5″ Bullet Air Glide. The video above is a great introduction to the brand with Reuben from SUPboarder unboxing a 2019 14′ x 26″ RS Air Glide. From the SIC Maui … Read More →

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