Review of the 2022 Starboard 14′ x 28″ All Star Airline inflatable racing paddle board

2021 starboard all star airline inflatable racing paddle board fast sup green water sports

In this review we’ll take a closer look at the 2021/22 Starboard All Star 14’0″ x 28″ x 6″ inflatable racing SUP and see if the board has a place in the market, or if, as a serious racer, you should head straight to a hard board. TL;DR: The 2021/22 Starboard All Star 14′ x 28″ inflatable racing paddle board is basically a hard board – bring a step ladder … Read More →

Top 5 Beginner Kayaks of 2021, featuring the Tahe 11’6″ Beach SUP-Yak

best sup kayak inflatable paddle board sup yak

LOUNGE AROUND – Seat and footrest are easily removed to create a clutter free space to call home on the water while you play or relax. A soft get grippy deck pad runs the entire length of the board, perfect for pets, kids, yoga and naps. 100% Paddle Board, 100% Kayak, 200% FUN! While pricing has increased a little since this video was made, the SUP-Yak still offers excellent value … Read More →

Comprehensive Guide to 2021 Starboard SUP Paddles

the best starboard sup paddles

Rueben from SUPBoarder goes in depth into the 2021 Starboard SUP paddle range. From the entry level Lima Tufskin, to the best-in-industry Lima and Enduro Prepreg, Starboard have an exceptionally good paddle range. Lima Tufskin Durable Performance – New concave and cupped blade shape integrating the very latest from our World Champion Lima paddles. Slim profile, high stiffness and lower weight. The large tip area allows for max forward motion … Read More →

The Outdoor Master Shark II Electric Inflatable SUP Pump Review

digital display on shark 2 best eletric inflatable sup pump green water sports

On average, you can expect a 8-15 minute inflation time. While not faster than manual pumps like the Titan 2 or Tiki Pump, you don’t have to do the work! Outdoor Master claims that this pump is so powerful that it can easily inflate up to three SUPs in a row before it needs a short break. The 20 PSI pressure capacity is just one of the reasons this model … Read More →

Top Reasons Why You Should Buy an Inflatable Paddle Board

red paddle co light weight inflatable sup compact 2021 green water sports

Over the past few years, the popularity of paddle boarding has skyrocketed and it’s easy to see why. Not only is it easily accessible for the masses and suited for all levels and ages of people, it is also a fun and great way to stay healthy and in shape. With this popularity, the stand up paddle board market can be a little overwhelming with various types, shapes and materials. … Read More →

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