4 common ways of how to attach your SUP leash


Your SUP leash is probably the most important piece of equipment, after your board and paddle of course, for a fun and safe paddle boarding experience. Depending on your country and local area, laws may require wearing/having on board a life jacket or personal floatation device (PFD), but the leash is arguably a better life saving piece of equipment as it keeps you attached to a giant floating device, that … Read More →

Stand up paddle boarding 101 with Zane from Starboard


How to stand up paddle board In this video, Zane Schweitzer from Starboard, takes us through some of the basics of stand up paddling. Your course is titled: Paddle Boarding 101. Zane is an accomplished stand up paddler with a passion for the Ocean and Aloha spirit. His positive energy and outlook on life is conveyed through this video with his helpful tips for a fun and safe paddle boarding experience. … Read More →

How to inflate your 2018 Starboard Deluxe Double Chamber board


The Starboard Deluxe Double Chamber inflatable paddle board construction introduced in 2018 is in their own words, and from my experience, one step closer to a hard board feeling. Why are we always striving to make inflatable SUPs feel like hard boards? Inflatables can flex under heavy load from paddlers or rough water and while quality iSUPs alleviate a lot of this with quality construction, materials and high inflation pressures, … Read More →

Anatomy of an inflatable stand up paddle board

anatomy of an inflatable stand up paddle board

Starboard has put together a great little video giving us a quick insight into the anatomy of an inflatable stand up paddle board. Know and understand the right terms when you’re shopping for a board or next time you’re at the beach. It always helps to understand the product descriptions or what your SUP friends are talking about, Starboard have covered the basics. We also have a larger glossary of … Read More →

VIDEO – Beginner guide to stand up paddle boarding


Get a stand up paddle board for Christmas? We have some videos here to get you prepared and ready for your first paddle session. We are no stranger to great SUP videos from Sam Ross. Check out our how to paddle board section for a series on great introductory video lessons he created a few years ago. Here we feature some updated versions of the videos, with a little overlap, just … Read More →

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