A look inside Red Paddle Co International HQ

red paddle co 2021 HQ tour

The guys from SUPboarder have taken us on an in depth tour of Red Paddle Co’s global head quarters. Leading the tour was none other than the CEO of Red, John Hibbard. His thoughts, insight and clarity for the brand’s purpose and goals give you a clear indication why Red Paddle Co has been so successful. It’s a long one, but well worth the watch. Moments of note: 3:30 The … Read More →

Being more responsible – Red Paddle Co’s eco friendly vision

red paddle co inflatable paddleboards eco friendly vision

Like us, Red Paddle Co loves the great outdoors, and as passionate water users it is incredibly important for all of us to look after the surroundings we enjoy and have as little impact as we can. From the very beginning, Red Paddle Co’s company ethos has been to “never compromise” when it comes to the performance of their inflatable paddle boards. As time has moved on, that message and … Read More →

Starboard 2020 inflatable paddle board range – available now

starboard thumbnail brnad video

Welcome to the 2020 Starboard stand up paddle board range. Starboard have over 25 years of board building experience and their main focus for 2020 was to build their boards stiffer, lighter, more stable, safer and way more durable. Starboard have paddle boards for everyone in your family. They have boards for guys, gals, kids, racers, surfers, river paddlers, yogaphiles, windsurfers; plus multi-person boards for those who like to party. … Read More →

Review of the 2020 Red Paddle Co 11’3″ Sport Special Edition inflatable paddle board

best inflatable touring sup red paddle co sport 2020 green water sports 1

Let’s take a look at the details of the 11’3″ Sport Special Edition, how it paddles, who it’s good for and how it fits into the Red Paddle Co range. So let’s begin with the 2020 Red Paddle Co 11’3″ Sport Special Edition review and videos. TL;DR: The 2020 11’3″ Sport and 11’3″ Sport Special Edition are the perfect boards for paddlers who want something a little quicker than the … Read More →

The all new 11′ Compact inflatable stand up paddle board by Red Paddle Co

red paddle co compact 11 most portable inflatable touring sup paddle board

In comparison to the 9’6″ Compact, the 11′ Compact is designed with a more drawn out shape to increase glide. With that in mind, the 11’0 Compact is perfect for paddlers who want to travel and explore without limitation. The board has a quad stringer tensioning system, giving maximum rigidity while the central living hinge means the board can be folded and rolled into a super small package, making it … Read More →

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