Red Paddle Co 2021 inflatable stand up paddle board product guide

red paddle co 2021 october launch

The time has finally come, Red Paddle Co have just announced their range of 2021 inflatable paddle boards that are available by pre-order now. The focus for the 2021 product lineup is on refinement of each product, premium features and look, and implementing innovative design and technologies to further advance their industry leading position. Racing, kids, family, and specialty boards will be available in March 2021. These boards include the … Read More →

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Buying Guide

paddling the fanatic fly air premium inflatable sups over tropical reef green water sports

One of the many draws to stand up paddle boarding is that it is such a diverse and adaptable sport. Wherever you live in the world, whatever conditions you have on hand, whatever your age or level, you can paddle board. With so much variety and choice, it can be difficult to narrow down the choices to what type of board is best suited for you. To keep it simple, … Read More →

Review of the 2020 Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride inflatable paddle board

2020 red paddle co 10 6 ride best inflatable paddleboard standup sup green water sports

So what exactly have they updated for 2020? What features have they changed, what details are refined, are the boards better? Should I get a 2020 10’6″ Ride or stick with a 2019 model? In an attempt to answer these questions, let’s begin with the 2020 Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride review and videos. TL;DR: Red Paddle Co have somehow managed to improve upon perfection. With a new nose handle … Read More →

Being more responsible – Red Paddle Co’s eco friendly vision

red paddle co inflatable paddleboards eco friendly vision

Like us, Red Paddle Co loves the great outdoors, and as passionate water users it is incredibly important for all of us to look after the surroundings we enjoy and have as little impact as we can. From the very beginning, Red Paddle Co’s company ethos has been to “never compromise” when it comes to the performance of their inflatable paddle boards. As time has moved on, that message and … Read More →

5 Unexpected Benefits of Standup Paddleboarding

red paddle co 2020 ride 10 6 SE paddleboard green water sports

Standup paddleboarding, or SUP, is a great outdoor activity that’s fun to do with friends and family. All you need is a paddleboard, a body of water, and your favorite people. The health benefits go beyond just the physical. SUP engages not only your body but also your mind, for a workout that’s bound to leave you feeling fulfilled! The rewards are nearly endless with this sport. From core strength building to … Read More →

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