Review of the 2021 Red Paddle Co 10’6″ x 32″ Ride inflatable paddle board

2021 red paddle co 10 6 x 32 ride review green water sports

So what exactly have they updated for 2021? What features have they changed, what details are refined, are the boards better? Should I get one, or maybe the 10’8″ Ride? In an attempt to answer these questions, let’s begin with the 2021 Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride review and videos. TL;DR: Red Paddle Co have somehow managed to improve upon perfection, again. With a more efficient and compact Titan 2 … Read More →

5 Top Tips For Paddleboarding in Cold Weather

paddling starboard igo ZEN inflatable sup paddle board with ice green water sports

For most, paddle boarding is preferably done under the warmth of summer sun, but for a majority of the planet, it doesn’t last year round. However, paddle boarding doesn’t have to end with the summer, in fact, you can paddle 365 days a year as long as you are prepared and calculated. To keep you on the water year round, we have outlined our 5 top tips for paddle boarding … Read More →

5 Things You Can Only Do With an Inflatable Paddleboard

red paddle co 2021 inflatable sup paddle board green water sports

Wherever you like to paddle, however you like to paddle and whomever you like to paddle with, inflatable paddleboards really are the most diverse choice. They also have extensive lists of perks over their hardboard counterparts so to help you finalize your decision, here are our top 5 things you can only do with an inflatable paddleboard. Explore Further Afield The adventures really don’t ever have to stop with inflatable … Read More →

A look inside Red Paddle Co International HQ

red paddle co 2021 HQ tour

The guys from SUPboarder have taken us on an in depth tour of Red Paddle Co’s global head quarters. Leading the tour was none other than the CEO of Red, John Hibbard. His thoughts, insight and clarity for the brand’s purpose and goals give you a clear indication why Red Paddle Co has been so successful. It’s a long one, but well worth the watch. Moments of note: 3:30 The … Read More →

Top 5 reasons why inflatable SUPs are perfect for your Fall adventures

fall paddling on inflatable stand up paddle boards

Every season brings the opportunity for a new adventure and a new perspective on the outdoors and we think inflatable paddleboards are the perfect companion to see all of this and more. Find out our top 5 reasons why inflatable SUPs are perfect for your fall adventures below! 1. They Are Incredibly Convenient As the season begins to change to fall and the days get shorter, convenience really is key. … Read More →

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