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Exploring the Best of Red Paddle Co Inflatable Paddle Boards

red paddle co 2023 anniversary range of inflatable stand up paddle boards

Paddleboarding offers a fantastic opportunity to embrace the great outdoors, maintain an active lifestyle, and appreciate the splendor of nature. When choosing the ideal paddle board, longevity is of utmost importance. Red Paddle Co is well-known for crafting robust, premium-quality inflatable paddle boards suitable for various purposes and settings. Celebrating their 15th Anniversary in 2023, Red Paddle Co have released the Anniversary Editions of their popular boards. In this article, we will examine some of those popular Red Paddle Co inflatable paddle board models, highlighting their exceptional durability and performance.

1. Red Paddle Co Ride Series

The 2023 Ride series is Red Paddle Co’s all-around inflatable paddle board range, designed for versatility and suited for various water conditions. With three sizes available (10’0″, 10’6″, and 10’8″), these boards cater to different rider sizes and skill levels. The Ride boards are constructed using Red Paddle Co’s Monocoque Structural Laminate (MSL) fusion technology, ensuring a lightweight yet durable board that can withstand everyday use and resist damage.

2. Red Paddle Co Voyager Series

For paddlers seeking adventure and long-distance touring, the 2023 Voyager series is an excellent choice. The 12’0″, 12’6″ and 13’2″ Voyager boards offer increased stability, glide, and cargo-carrying capacity, making them perfect for extended trips and multi-day expeditions. These boards also feature Red Paddle Co’s MSL technology and are designed to handle choppy waters and challenging conditions with ease, ensuring a durable and reliable companion on your adventures.

3. Red Paddle Co Sport Series

The Sport series from Red Paddle Co is designed for paddlers who want a step up in performance and speed. Available in three sizes (11′, 11’3″, and 12’6″), these boards offer a sleeker shape and improved glide, making them ideal for intermediate and advanced paddlers. Like other Red Paddle Co boards, the Sport series utilizes MSL technology, providing enhanced durability and rigidity for better performance on the water.

4. Red Paddle Co Compact Series

For paddlers who value easy transportation and storage without sacrificing sturdiness, the Red Paddle Co Compact series offers a groundbreaking option. The Compact boards are a standard-sized inflatable paddle board that collapses to half the dimensions of a typical iSUP due to their inventive, and patented, folding design and PACT technology. Even with their reduced size, these boards employ the same top-notch materials and MSL construction found in other Red Paddle Co boards, guaranteeing a dependable and long-lasting paddleboarding experience. See the 9’6″ and the 11′ Compacts.

5. Red Paddle Co Specialty Boards

In addition to their core series, Red Paddle Co offers a variety of specialty boards designed for specific activities, such as the 8’10” Compact for surfing, the 10’7″ Windsurf for windsurfing, the 10’8″ Activ for yoga, the 11′ Wild for whitewater, and the 12′ All Ride for all abilities. Each of these boards is tailored to meet the unique demands of their intended purpose while maintaining the durability and high-quality construction that Red Paddle Co is known for.


Red Paddle Co’s range of inflatable paddle board models showcases their commitment to durability, performance, and innovation. Whether you’re a beginner seeking a versatile all-around board, an adventurer in search of a reliable touring companion, or a paddleboard enthusiast looking to expand your skills, Red Paddle Co has a durable inflatable paddle board that fits your needs. Their use of advanced MSL technology and high-quality materials ensures that these boards can withstand the test of time and various water conditions. Experience the difference a Red Paddle Co inflatable paddle board can make in your paddleboarding journey. Explore their wide selection of models, choose the perfect board for your preferred paddling style and skill level, and enjoy the confidence that comes with investing in a durable and reliable paddleboard. Happy paddling!

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