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Adjusting a Lever Lock paddle

This paddle has a slightly loose Lever Lock handle. Specifically, when the lever is locked into place, it still exhibits a slight rotation. If this rotation remains, the Lever Lock system can be adjusted to secure a tighter fit.

The first step in this process involves lifting the lever to inspect the connecting wire. If the wire appears loose, this is a clear sign that it needs adjusting and tightening.

To tighten the Lever Lock system, you first remove the top section of the paddle. Looking at the underside of the Lever Lock handle, you will notice a small nut, a cotter pin, and a threaded bolt.

The next step is to rotate this nut a quarter turn. This action will also cause the threaded bolt and cotter pin to rotate. Once the quarter turn has been completed, you need to rotate the cotter pin and the threading back to its original position, also by a quarter turn.

Following this, the paddle can be reassembled. Press the lever down and check whether your paddle feels secure. If you notice further adjustments are needed, you can repeat this process, turning the nut by a quarter turn each time.

Remember not to turn the nut by a full turn or excessively as it could lead to over-tightening, which can damage the Lever Lock system or even cause it to become stuck inside the paddle.

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About the author: Julian Kidd
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