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Review of the Sawyer Globetrotter GT 3 piece adjustable SUP paddle

The Sawyer Globetrotter GT is a 3 piece adjustable SUP paddle featuring several advanced technologies to offer a lightweight, responsive, comfortable and adjustable paddle, yet be able to break down into 3 pieces and fit in your inflatable paddle board bag.

The Globetrotter GT SUP paddle is exclusive to Green Water Sports.

The paddle features the Tite-Set connection system to secure the main shaft and a LeverLock handle for length adjustment. The Tite-Set connection is the most stiff, tightest locking and lightweight connection system of any 3 piece paddle setup. The LeverLock handle, is the most streamlined, easy to use and comfortable adjustment system for a SUP paddle. The paddle also features a carbon fiber shaft with an ultra-tough CFRT (Continuous Fiber Reinforced) blade construction. With the Tite-Set and LeverLock technologies combined with the carbon shaft and CFRT blade, you have a high end SUP paddle that is lightweight but fits in your inflatable SUP board bag.

Having a high quality paddle to match your high quality inflatable paddle board is essential. Transferring the power from your body into the board and into forward motion should always be optimised for efficiency, weight and comfort. Many paddles on the market can get you moving but weigh several pounds, don’t flex or don’t fit in the board bag. Enjoying your paddle sessions relies on having quality equipment and with paddles that means being lightweight and having flex for comfort and energy transfer.

The package: The paddle comes with it’s own travel bag. A nice touch to keep your paddle safe and free of damage. The bag includes internal sleeves for each section, the handle, the main shaft and the paddle blade. It also includes a small pocket for the key used in tightening and loosening the main shaft Tite-Set connection system.

On the water: With the Globetrotter GT, you immediately notice the stiffness in the main shaft join. A common gripe with 3 piece paddles is the movement or play in this join. Some brands combat this play with extra clamps around a traditional spring pin join, which add more weight and bulk to the shaft, the Tite-Set system is streamlined for your hand to easily grip and move on the shaft and quite thoroughly eliminates 99% of the play. You can see more detail in the images below.

The Tite-Set bolt is screwed all the way in to allow the shaft to slide over join and then once the hole is aligned, the bolt is screwed all the way out to lock the shaft in place. Notice the streamlined shaft and almost invisible join.

Now to the infinitely adjustable LeverLock system. This system does away with the traditional pin and/or clamp system entirely. The handle grip houses the locking lever and the bottom of the adjustable shaft section includes the “expanding” rubber seal to lock in the desired paddle shaft length. When you open the lever, the shaft can be inserted, set to desired length, aligned with the paddle and then locked into place. Pushing the lever down pulls on a cable and plate which squashes the rubber seal flat and forces it out against the internals of the main shaft, locking it into place. It locks in surprisingly securely for such a simple and very streamlined system. As you can see on the main shaft, there are no clips, clamps or pins to deal with. Again an almost completely smooth shaft for unobstructed gripping and sliding of your hand.

The blade is a very comfortable 90 sq. inches, a good all round size and shape for general paddling. Also a good size for most paddle boarders. I find people tend to go for a bigger blade then they should in the beginning which may seem more efficient but actually puts more pressure and strains on your muscles and joints. Flex was very nice and comfortable and being able to adjust the paddle on the fly to match conditions was very handy. A little shorter for in the waves as you tend to crouch over a little for better balance, and a little longer for cruising as you tend to stand taller and relax your back. Anyway, adjustabilty is not something unique to this paddle, but being able to adjust freely to any length and not have to conform to pin holes 1 or 2 inches apart was very nice.


  • Ultra-tough 3 piece adjustable composite SUP paddle
  • Lever Lock adjustable grip
  • Tite-Set break-down rock solid-play free connection system
  • Micro “shark skin” style shaft texture
  • Includes nylon carrying bag and Tite-Set key
  • 11° bent blade and tubular carbon shaft
  • Molded CFRT blade at 90 sq. inches (7.25”W x 19”L)
  • Adjustable from 67 to 83 or 170 to 210 centimeters
  • Average paddle weight – 27.5 oz or 780g


  • Lightweight
  • Stiff Tite-Set connection
  • Easy on-the-fly LeverLock adjustability
  • Comfortable handle with sharkskin shaft
  • Comes with a bag and fits in inflatable paddle board bag


  • Handle needs to be aligned after adjusting

All in all, it’s a top quality SUP paddle that has the performance characteristics of a regular fixed paddle but with the convenience of breaking down into 3 sections and fitting in your inflatable SUP board bag, and being adjustable to suit conditions, friends or general comfort in paddling sessions.

A winner in my book!

Remember, the Sawyer Globetrotter GT is exclusive to Green Water Sports and can be bought here only.

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About the author: Julian Kidd
I have been an avid stand up paddle boarder since 2009. I retired from a decade of professional kiteboarding to focus on SUP. Green Water Sports grew from this love of all things SUP. As well as being a keen paddle boarder, I'm a football fan, closet petrol head, web tinkerer, husband and father.