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How to adjust your Red Paddle Co SUP paddle

Red Paddle Co Adjustable SUP Paddles

Along with market leading inflatable paddle boards, Red Paddle Co make some excellent quality 3 piece paddles. These paddles perfectly compliment the portability of inflatable SUPs by breaking down into 3 pieces and fitting inside the board bag. The All Terrain board bag that comes with many of the Red Paddle Co boards, also features elastic sections to secure the paddle inside the bag.

Some of the Red Paddle Co paddles feature a Cam Lock adjustment system, some a LeverLock system and others have the traditional push pin system. Most of the 2019 paddles now feature the Cam Lock system for not only easy and infinite adjustment, but for the alignment groove that keeps the handle straight. This is big help when trying to adjust your paddle on the fly, no need to line everything up now.

Just like there is a Red Paddle Co board perfect for you, there’s a paddle for you too, whatever your size and style. Red Paddle Co feature alloy, glass or high end carbon 3 piece paddles. When choosing a paddle, it is important to remember that the paddle is the board’s engine and can make a big difference to your performance on the water. Just like a pair of nice hiking boots on the trail, a nice paddle will make all the difference.

To see all the 2019 Red Paddle Co paddles visit: Red Paddle Co 3-piece SUP paddles.

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