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The 2019 Red Paddle Co SUP paddle range

The Red Paddle Co 2019 SUP paddle range

For 2019, Red Paddle Co has updated their range of 3 piece paddles. With a few tweaks here and there to the blade shape, the most notable change however, is the adjustment system. Previously using the LeverLock system, Red Paddle Co have gone back to a CamLock system but with the important addition of a groove in the shaft that easily and automatically aligns the handle in the shaft. This “auto-line” feature makes on-the-fly adjustments while paddling extremely easy.

The paddle is still infinitely adjustable, like the LeverLock, so it’ll match your desired length exactly. While the CamLock mechanism does take away from the streamlined LeverLock shaft, the “auto-line” alignment groove more than makes up for it. Not having to eye ball the handle being straight with the blade makes life a lot easier when trying to balance on the board at the same time.

The naming system has also changed a little. The full carbon paddles are now call the Carbon 100, the glass/carbon blend are now called Carbon 50.


Practical and perfect for travelling, with no compromise on performance. It splits into three parts so it effortlessly fits into your backpack, meaning you can get out and explore with ease! Longest section is about 36 inches.


The new cam lock system enables quick paddle length adjustment with unrivalled grip, reducing any movement in the top section of the paddle. The CamLock system has an “auto-line” feature that means the handle will always be lined up with the blade.

We have the 2019 Red Paddle Co SUP paddle range in stock and listed below, along with a quick guide to the basic features and naming system (all paddles are 3 piece, adjustable and use the CamLock system):

Note: the 5 piece paddle sold with the 9’6″ Compact is not currently available for individual sale.

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