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How to inflate your Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP with the Titan Pump

Red Paddle Co Titan Pump

A quick refresher course thanks to Red Paddle Co on how to inflate your paddle board. Red Paddle Co make the unique Titan Pump which is a double chamber iSUP pump.

Available as standard with most of the Red Paddle inflatable SUP range, the Titan pump was the first double chamber pump on the market making inflation fast and easy. Pump on 2 chambers to start with and as the pressure climbs, pull the small red plug and continue pumping off the skinny high pressure chamber. This allows quick initial inflation and the ability to reach higher pressures that Red Paddle Co is known for. Of course, higher pressure means a stiffer boards, a stiffer board can carry more weight and perform better.

Red Paddle Co are actively seeking an authentic experience with their inflatable paddle boards. With multiple exclusive and patented technologies, they can achieve this and solidify their inflatable SUP market leading position.

Red Paddle Co Exclusive Technologies

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About the author: Julian Kidd
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