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How to use the Red Paddle Co ATB Transformer Inflatable SUP Bag

Alex from Red Paddle Co walks us through the multiple personalities of the new ATB Transformer Bag.

The all-terrain backpack for 2022, has three functions, wheelie mode, backpack mode and then finally sling mode. The sling mode allows paddlers to transport their board in a simple solution, which really allows them to push the boundaries of those ‘out there’ adventures.

Now I’ve already separated the sling from my all-terrain backpack. I have my 12 foot Voyager here which has been pre-rolled with my Titan II Pump inside, and I have my three piece paddle along with my RSS battens and two fins. The first thing I’m going to do is insert my paddle into the back of the sling in the securing straps.

Now the handle is in the shaft and put down to the lowest setting, so it takes up minimal room, and the two pieces are just going to slide into the first securing strap.

I’ve kept the blade and handle of my paddle at the top end so they are up out the way and, as I insert the paddle, I’m making sure it doesn’t go past the bottom triangle on the sling. This means that it’s going to sit in place nice and neatly when the board’s in place.

Second thing is to do exactly the same with the RSS battens, keeping them together, sliding them into place and making sure they’re not seated too far down. My two fins I’m going to secure in the roll of my board nice and tightly, so they don’t go anywhere.

Now I’m ready to load up my board. This is going to sit directly on top of the sling where my paddle and RSS battens are, and I need to ensure that the bottom of the board doesn’t go past the bottom triangle on the sling. This triangle is going to form a platform for the board to sit on and is going to ensure that none of my equipment falls out the bottom of the sling.

So first I can lift the triangle up, and make sure that my board’s not too far down, that it is nice and securely in place and I’m going to put this lengthy strap over the top and secure that in place underneath. Once I’m happy with the positioning of that, I can use the tensioning strap to tighten that to make sure it’s nice and secure. When I’m tightening, it’s important to make sure that this bottom triangle doesn’t move out of the way as I really want this to form a supporting platform at the bottom of the sling.

So now I’m happy with that, I can put the lateral securing straps in place over the top of the board to add that extra bit of tension through. Finally, tightening so I’m comfortable that the board is nice and secure. Once I’ve done that, my board is ready to go and I am ready to hit the water for an ‘out there’ adventure!

The ATB Transformer Bag is available with all 2022 Red Paddle Co boards except the Compacts and Voyager Tandem.

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