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So what’s new with the Red Paddle Co Ride 10’6″ for 2016?

Reuben from SUPBoarder gives us one of the first looks at the new features of the 2016 Red Paddle Co Ride 10’6″ inflatable SUP. Comparing it directly with the 2015 version of the same 10’6″ Ride model.

They might look the same, but the devil is in the details. There are a few things worth noting for the Red Paddle Co 2016 range. Here is a transcript of his video:

2016 Red Paddle Co Ride 10’6″ Video Review

Hey, welcome to another SUPBoarder review. I’m Reuben and I’m going to be going through the brand new 2016 Red Paddle Co Ride 10’6″, and we’re going to also be looking at the last year’s 2015 Ride and seeing what the differences are.

Red Paddle Co are one of the biggest inflatable SUP brands in the world, started making inflatable SUPs back in 2008 and still have one of the biggest market shares in the iSUPs today.

So going over some of the specifications over this year’s 10’6″, it’s exactly the same specification wise as last year 10’6″ long, 32″ wide, 120mm thick. Comes in at 240 litres in volume, has a recommend PSI pressure range of 15 to 25 PSI. It retails at £699 ($1299), but the difference from last year it only weighs 9kg (20lbs) opposed to the 12kg (26.5lbs) of last year. This board is designed for an all round paddler, somebody who wants to get on the water, do some river cruising, muck about with the family, catch the odd little waves, do a bit of exploratory, maybe and overnight camp session, so generally and all round board for an average weight ride from about 65kg (140lbs) to about 95kg (210lbs).

As for the back pack and pump. The backpack is exactly the same as the 2015 boards. It was a really good backpack last year. I don’t think they’ve changed anything. The zips and the material all look exactly the same. Roller wheels at the back, backpack, shoulder straps, nice and padded so the backpack’s really nice.

The pump, is the award winning Red Titan. The only thing I have noticed they’ve done is they have put a little bungee on here which you put round there to stop your Titan from coming undone and stuff. Double chamber pump, you start pumping on both chambers so you have a large chamber and smaller chamber and then when the pressure gets high you just take the valve out, put it up the top, and then you’d just be pumping on the smaller chamber to finish off the pumping. I said that in another video, really good pump, I can probably pump to about 10 to 15 PSI, almost paddling capacity on the 2 chambers. Unplug that, pump it up, finish it off on the smaller chamber. Red Paddle Co Titan, a very good pump. so that comes with all the boards as standard.

What’s new for the Red Air 10’6″ Ride for 2016?

Let’s look at the difference of this board compared to last year. The main difference is they’ve done is the construction of the boards. They’re still made of drop stitch, I believe it’s the same drop stitch as the 2015 range’s, it is just the top layer which is the MSL Fusion technology they’re now using in the 2016, which stands for Monocoque Structural Laminate, hope I got that right. Instead of buying the drop stitch with PVC stuck on top, and then you basically put your glue on top of that and put another layer of PVC on top of that, what they’ve done the buy the drop stitch in the complete mesh netted form let’s say and they pour the same amount of PVC on to the drop stitch in a liquid form. What that does, that brings down weight, brings down human error so you get a lighter board and they say it’s stiffer and they say it’s just as hard wearing and as durable as last year’s. So we took their word for it and drove over it anyway.

Driving interlude…

So this is the same board I drove over in the car. Yes. I put a towel on the front and yes I washed my tires as well. So short of dropping it off a building or running it into the rocks like you’ve seen on some of the Red Paddle Co videos, I believe this board is just as strong as last years. But, the biggest thing I’ve noticed straight away as I’ve said before is the weight. Ok, this is 9kg (20lbs), thats 12kg (26.5lbs), that’s a 3kg (6.6lbs) difference. Makes a big difference when you’re picking it up. When you roll it up it actually rolls smaller that it did last year so it goes into a tighter roll, goes in the bag easier.

Other things that have changed from last year’s board. They’ve upgraded the eyelets on the bungees on the tiedowns they’re stainless with a proper little plastic inset. Last year’s, they were plastic and stuck on so these are moulded stainless ones. The Red logo at the front here is now screened on, it’s not stuck on like a foam pad, it’s screened on now. A wider padded carry handle in the middle and they’ve taken the same padded carry handle and they’ve put one at the back as well and also next to it is the leashing point on the side there.

It does look very similar to last year’s board, but when you start looking closely there’s a few refinements that Red have done, like, made the serial number a bit smaller on the back. The logos down the side are a slightly different colour and the deck pad’s a slightly different colour.

It paddles obviously exactly the same as last year’s, last year’s paddled fine, it was just a nice all round board. Not super fast, pretty stable, it does everything an all round paddle board should do.

Ok if we turn it over which is easier to do because it is nice and light, ok so if there is any mud on the front it’s because it was getting driven over and I haven’t washed it off properly. It’s got the same iFins, super stretchy thruster set up they’ve got which is indestructible and the logo has been printed on at the front.

For the deflection test, we thought we’d do both the boards, we’d do the 2016 and the 2015. Both pumped up to 20 PSI which is in the mid range of the of the PSI range and they both dropped the same amount, 24mm.

Is it worth it?

Is there any negatives or down sides to the 2016 Red Paddle Co Ride compared to the 2015; it’s the same amount of money, it’s lighter and it’s got a bit more refinement and padding for the user. So it’s been a well thought out product they’ve just made better. So, no, it’s absolutely fine. And is it value for money, it’s the same price yes it’s value for money. Still get the Titan Pump, get a great backpack.

The SUPBoarder verdict for the 2016 Red Paddle Co Ride, still a really good all round board that’s 3kg lighter than last year, and you can still drive over it. It’s going to be a winner for an all round paddler.

I don’t know about you but that is a pretty compelling argument to upgrade to a 2016 board! MSL and other refinements will set Red Paddle Co apart from the competition again as outright leaders of the inflatable paddle board industry.

View the 2016 Red Paddle Co boards we have in transit to us or in stock right now and get on board!

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