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A quick review of the 2015 Red Paddle Co 10’8″ Ride inflatable SUP

In this article we will provide a quick review of the 2015 Red Paddle Co 10’8″ Ride inflatable SUP. This board was formerly known as the 10’8″ Mega and after going on an intensive off season work out regime, has come back looking better than ever. It’s now part of the Ride family which includes the 10’6″ and the new 9’8″. Losing 2″ off it’s waist, a little trim in the nose and tail for an all round tightening up. Don’t worry though, the Mega that we’ve all grown to know and love for insane stability and seemingly limitless load carrying ability, I’m looking at you Mr. XXL Big and Tall, is still here loud and proud.

The bag: For 2014, Red Paddle Co introduced wheels on the bag. For 2015, they’ve gone a step further refining the wheeled bag to be even more sturdy, durable and comfortable. Once again, the back pack straps can be hidden in the “Sherpa Carry System” making wheeled travel more pleasurable and keeping the straps out of the airport conveyor belts.

The pump: The 2015 10’8″ Ride, as did the 2014 10’8″ Mega, ships with the Red Paddle Co Ezee pump which makes inflation to 20PSI quick and easy. You also get a standard repair kit in the package and a bonus cell phone case which includes the inflation/deflation and care manual.

The inflation process is very straight forward and pumping with the Ezee pump is very easy. Be sure you have the valve in the inflation position so all that pumping doesn’t go to waste when you’re ready to remove the pump hose and put on the valve cap. Read our guide about valve position and board inflation, and watch us inflate a board here.

UPDATED Jan 19, 2015: The board now ships from Green Water Sports with the revolutionary Titan Pump. See which Red Paddle Co boards ship with the Titan pump here.

The board: 10’8″ long, 34″ wide and 4.72″ thick. The biggest noticeable change is the trimmer width over 2014. Down from 36″ to 34″ the new outline enables easier overall handling and paddling. Built using Red Paddle Co’s Tec Air construction process, it features high density drop stitch technology, double layering “board within a board” technique and quadruple layered rails. The weakest part of an inflatable paddle board is the rail (sides) where the top and bottom layers are joined, due to the lack of internal support from the high density drop stitch. Most inflatable stand up boards are constructed with just one rail layer on the rails, whereas Red Paddle Co use 4. Find out more about Red Paddle Co’s Tec Air construction.

Minor tweaks, trims and refinements to the outline and rocker line of the board further enhance it’s already brilliant all round ability, stability, performance and load carrying. Updated graphics and board colors give it a hard board look to match it’s hard board performance.

For a direct comparison of the 2014 10’8″ Mega and the 2015 10’8″ Ride, move the slider to see the changes.
[twentytwenty] Top-deck-2014-Red-Paddle-Co-inflatable-SUP-10-8-mega-ride Top-deck-2015-Red-Paddle-Co-inflatable-SUP-10-8-mega-ride
[/twentytwenty] [twentytwenty] Underside-2014-Red-Paddle-Co-inflatable-SUP-10-8-mega-ride Underside-2015-Red-Paddle-Co-inflatable-SUP-10-8-mega-ride[/twentytwenty]

It’s an evolution of a very successful board, but you’ll notice for this year the slightly narrower overall width, and narrower tail and nose areas, improved graphics, larger deck pad area, better instructions and safety tips around the valve, factory installed bungee cord on the tie downs and 3 tone colour scheme.

Let’s take a little walk around the board and see how the real thing looks.

On the water: The 10’8″ Ride is a great all round board for paddlers 200lbs and up. It is insanely stable meaning anyone can stand on this board and have a good time paddling. Trimmed down from 36″ it makes it easier to handle and paddle on, yet still be stable for all to enjoy. With width taken out of the tail, it makes it much easier to turn around and also paddle and control in waves or on rivers. Cruising and turning is pretty easy and the 10’8″ Ride has decent glide. Either standing or kneeling, paddling is comfortable and tracking from the iFin built in fins is straight. The 4.72″ thickness is a perfect match between rigidity, performance and manoeuvrability. Thick enough to be rigid and keeping your feet out of the water but not so thick that it feels like you’re riding a cork or feel disconnected from the board or the water.

This is an extremely easy and exceptionally stable paddle board for beginners to start on, or larger intermediate to advanced paddlers to use. Cruising the coastline, SUP Yoga, paddling workouts, riding small surf, slow moving rivers, bays, inlets, intra-coastals, tropical islands, you name it! It is also a great choice for families as the 10’8″ Ride can be enjoyed by all ages, with acres of space for children or furry friends up front. The almost indestructible design is also paw friendly.

Under the front bungee cord, you could strap down a cooler and fishing rod and enjoy paddling into hard to reach places and catch some whoppers.

Now for some detailed images of the 2015 10’8″ Red Air Ride, click to enlarge.

The 2015 10’8″ Ride is one of the best all round stand up paddle boards for the unsteady beginner or larger paddler. As an added bonus, it is also an inflatable board which makes travel, storage and general handling of the board so much easier. Combine it with a 3 piece SUP paddle, you’ve got the ultimate package for all conditions.

See the 10’8″ Ride Red Paddle Co product page for more details, specs and images.

If you are not sure which board to choose from the Red Paddle Co range, take a look at our helpful guide to choosing your 2015 Red Paddle Co board or compare all the important specs of each board here with our 2015 Red Paddle Co iSUP range announcement.

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