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A revolutionary inflatable SUP pump: The Red Paddle Co Titan

On the left, the regular Ezee. In the middle, the Ezee HP. On the right, the new Titan. On your marks, get set, go!

Quite simply, the Red Paddle Co Titan inflatable SUP pump is a game changer. With dual chambers inflating your board at twice the speed, then switch it to the high pressure cylinder only to finish it off, the Titan is going to blow your mind!

The Red Paddle Co Titan Pump is a revolutionary inflatable SUP pump, it could make all other alternatives seem pointless. The pump features two chambers, one larger volume cylinder (low pressure) and one lower volume cylinder (high pressure). Think of it as a combination of the regular Ezee and the Ezee HP side by side. You start with both cylinders pumping huge amounts of air into the board, then at about 10-12PSI, you flip a switch and it pumps through the high pressure side only. You’re pumping almost double the amount of air into the board than usual, and can still finish it off with high pressure. One pump that does it all!

This new pump could easily be the best development in inflatable SUP products throughout the entire market let alone the industry leading Red Paddle Co range. The ability to inflate your SUP faster and then without switching pumps, attain the higher pressure easily, is going to make a monumental difference to the performance and satisfaction of your paddle boarding experience!

From John Hibbard, co founder of Red Paddle Co, featured in the video below:

“We’ve pumped up a lot boards since 2008 and we’ve come a long way since we started! The current crop of high pressure style pumps came from our close partnership with the leading pump manufacturer. They work ok for small, low volume boards but we wanted to upgrade and produce a pump that addressed the major issues of the inflation process – time taken and effort required.”

 “Using a Titan Pump can half the inflation time and, unlike the dual action style of pumps used by many brands, it drastically reduces the amount of effort required to reach the correct pressure. We prefer to spend our time paddling rather than pumping so for us the Titan is a game changer. We can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

For now the Titan SUP pump is only available with select Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPs. If you have any questions about which board comes with a Titan, please contact us via email or on 1-888-252-4983.

Pictures courtesy: Red Paddle Co Taiwan

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