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New technologies and features in 2019 for Starboard inflatable paddle boards

We take a look at a few of the fey features of the 2019 Starboard inflatable paddle board range, some of the changes, some of the unique technologies introduced by Starboard, and the new price point Zen Lite inflatable SUP range.

Airline Technology

Starboard’s most significant breakthrough in tuning rocker lines and deflection is their Airline Technology. This efficient, lightweight technology could change the future of inflatable performance boards.

The free-flowing aramid cable locks the board in shape when inflated, creating a solid trustworthy hull sensation.

The patented Airline Technology utilizes a pre-set free-floating cable. It is attached to the nose, goes under the bottom and ends at the fin box. The preset cable is slightly shorter than the board so when the board inflates, the cable comes under tension and stiffens the board significantly. We measured 1.8 cm less hull deflection in testing and 2016 World Champion Connor Baxter swears by it. For more on setting up and tuning your Airline board click here. The cable is attached to one of 4 hooks, which alters the cable tension and ultimately stiffness.

Starboard All Star Airline EVA Standing Tray

Helps to hold a wider stance for extra stability and helps recover balance with the high EVA sides to push against. The high sides provide more control to lean on the rail to steer the board from the midpoint. Creates a dug out style standing area which makes it more versatile to paddle in choppy water. The sides are made from EVA foam so they are lightweight, soft to stand against and flexible when packing.

Starboard’s V8 Double Action Pump

  • Inflate your board with faster and easier continuous pumping cycle both in down and up actions
  • With a switch, the double action pump can convert to single action for easy inflation up to 18PSI
  • Allows effortless inflation due to the increased diameter of the intake and exhaust valves
  • The ergonomically designed foot pad creates a stable, comfortable platform for sustained effort in getting your board up to 18PSI, in the shortest amount of time

Zen Lite, Starboard’s leanest, lightest and most budget oriented technology

Stripped down to the core essentials. Built with single layer knitted drop stitch, double rail band and heat welded rails. The new tool-less fin system is quick and easy to set up.

2019 Touring Shape Upgrades

Updated on the 2019 Touring boards are the outline shape with a narrower mid section and wider tail which makes for even faster glide, even more stability and more manoeuvrability. It is also easier to hold the paddle closer and more vertical, which improves tracking and reduces the amount of times you have to switch the paddle from side to side when paddling.

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2019 iGO Range – Light, awesome and fun

This fun-first inflatable board has a straight outline, keeping it slim and simple to paddle in a straight line, encouraging more correct paddle technique. You’ll have plenty of stability from the wide tail – you can hop on the tail and kick the board around in no time, with full control. Easy, accessible, simple and fun – this is a great board for first-time paddlers, families, and those that want to enjoy time on lakes or bays.

Welding Technology

Heated and bonded for life. Glue is never forever. Mechanical bond = Strength and Durability. Starboard’s new welding technique turns two into one – using heat to bond two separate pieces of PVC into a single solid unit. Heat-welded PVC creates a mechanical bond that’s stronger, lasts longer – and is better for the environment.

Since the beginning inflatable boards have been glued together at the seam, so the boards only last as long as the glue. Over the last few years Starboard have worked with welding machine manufacturers to develop better machinery for seam welding. Then they helped train their selected OEM assembler to utilize this unique technology in Starboard’s exclusive production lines, resulting in a long lasting mechanical bond.

Starboard continue to raise the bar not only in technologies deployed in their gear, but minimising the impact of creating the gear. We enjoy the great outdoors while we paddle so Starboard is doing their part to ensure the great outdoors remain available to us to enjoy. See the full Starboard inflatable SUP range here.


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