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Starboard’s Inflatable SUP Airline Technology

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Airline Technology: Starboard’s most significant breakthrough in tuning rocker lines and deflection. This efficient, lightweight technology could change the future of inflatable performance boards.

The free-flowing aramid cable locks the board in shape when inflated, creating a solid trustworthy hull sensation.

If you already have the Airline knot set, continue to this video about setting up your board.

The patented Airline Technology utilizes a pre-set free-floating cable. It is attached to the nose, goes under the bottom and ends at the fin box. The preset cable is slightly shorter than the board so when the board inflates, the cable comes under tension and stiffens the board significantly. We measured 1.8 cm less hull deflection in testing and 2016 World Champion Connor Baxter swears by it.

How to set up the Airline cable

Tying the Airline fin box knot:

  • Pump up the board to low pressure
  • Put on the nose cone and cable loop
  • Pul the slack cable through from fin box
  • Make a mark on the cable at the front of the fin box
  • Deflate the board enough to release the cable loop
  • Take cable loop off the hook
  • Pull the marked part of the cable through the fin box
  • Place index finger in front of the mark
  • Wrap end of cable twice around index finger
  • Pull a loop from the cable end through the coils
  • Pull it tight until the knot is just above the mark
  • Place knot inside the fin box and pull to the front
  • Push excess cable into the fin box
  • Pull cable through from the nose
  • Put cable look on preferred hook
  • Pump up the board to 15-18 PSI
  • Check the cable is tight
  • Install fin on top of the excess cable

Starboard All Star Inflatable Racing Paddle Boards

Currently, Starboard is using the Airline technology for their top of the line racing inflatable SUPs, the All Stars. We have these 3 in stock, if you don’t see the one you want, call us on 1-888-252-4983. See the rest of the Starboard inflatable SUP range here.

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