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Christmas has come early folks! Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPs are now on sale, in time to still enjoy the Summer. Choose from any of the 2019 Red Paddle Co boards and SAVE hundreds with a FREE paddle and FREE shipping – the perfect deal. If you’re not sure about which board is best for you, contact us and we’ll help you get on the water!

Red Paddle Co Ride

  • Save $390.00!

    2019 Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride

    From: $1299.00 $909.00
  • Save $405.00!

    2019 Red Paddle Co 10’8″ Ride

    From: $1349.00 $944.00

The Ride range from Red Paddle Co are the all round boards. Suitable for general use for all types of paddlers. The 10’6″ is the most popular while the 10’8″ is great for those who are a little bigger or need more stability. The 9’8″ is great for kids or smaller paddlers, as well as paddler looking to ride surf. Don’t forget the 10’6″ comes in the Special Edition color way.

Red Paddle Co Sport

  • Save $435.00!

    2019 Red Paddle Co 11′ Sport

    From: $1449.00 $1014.00
  • Save $450.00!

    2019 Red Paddle Co 11’3″ Sport

    From: $1499.00 $1049.00
  • Save $480.00!

    2019 Red Paddle Co 12’6″ Sport

    From: $1599.00 $1119.00

Want to upgrade from the Ride range of boards, but aren’t quite ready or don’t need a touring or race SUP? Then the Sport is the range for you. Faster and sleeker than the Ride, with better tracking, yet still stable, the Sport range of boards is for the paddler who wants to graduate to a faster board for fitness or pleasure.

Red Paddle Co Voyager

The Voyager range from Red Paddle Co includes the 12’6″, 13’2″+ and the 15′ Tandem. Looking to explore your world with day gear, camping gear or a friend, then these are the boards for you. These boards are often taking paddlers to remote corners of the globe and can be trusted as sturdy work horses with the convenience of easy travel.

Red Paddle Co Compact

  • Red Paddle Co 9’6″ Compact


Pushing boundaries and changing people’s perception of inflatables has been Red Paddle Co’s motivation for several years. An authentic paddling experience has been then desire and with the 9’6″ Compact, it all comes together with the most portable inflatable paddle board on the market. Half the size, double the fun. The Compact is the future of inflatable SUPs.

Red Paddle Co Whip, Activ and Wind

  • Save $420.00!

    2019 Red Paddle Co 10’8″ Activ

    From: $1399.00 $979.00

The Whip, Activ and Wind boards by Red Paddle Co and the specialty boards of the range. The Whip is the small surf SUP that will have you carving down the line in no time. The Activ is the board for on-water fitness activities or yoga. And the Wind boards offer a sail mount and center fin systems to get you on the water even if the wind picks up a bit, or you’re a windsurfer who wants to paddle.

Red Paddle Co Elite

  • Save $480.00!

    2019 Red Paddle Co 12’6″ x 26″ Elite

    From: $1599.00 $1119.00

The Elite range of inflatable paddle boards are Red Paddle Co’s racing SUPs. Complete with the latest technology, the Elites are redefining how fast inflatables paddle boards can be, and often lead the paddlers to podium positions. Travelling to races is now easier than ever.

Red Paddle Co Dragon, Ride L and XL

  • Save $900.00!

    2019 Red Paddle Co 14′ Ride L

    $2999.00 $2099.00
  • Save $990.00!

    2019 Red Paddle Co 17′ Ride XL

    $3299.00 $2309.00
  • Save $750.00!

    Red Paddle Co 22′ Dragon

    $2499.00 $1749.00

More of a team/family paddler? Check out the multi-person boards by Red Paddle Co to get you, your family, friends, team on the water and having fun.

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