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Fanatic inflatable stand up paddle boards now available

We are proud to announce that the 2018 Fanatic inflatable SUPs are now available from Green Water Sports. At this stage we have a few select models available, which can be seen here: 2018 Fanatic inflatable SUPs.

Fanatic Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards – Addicted to SUP

For now we have focused on Fanatic’s all round board options. Inspired by Fanatic’s popular Fly composite range, the Fly Air and Fly Air Premium are the convenient answer to limited storage, city life and travellers’ demands. The all-round, longboard style outline offers a great mix of glide, stability and all terrain versatility. Optimized thickness provides outstanding rigidity without additional air pressure, whilst the extra volume caters to those looking for an even easier ride.

To outline Fanatic’s leading standards in terms of quality, design and durability, they offer two constructions; their lightweight Stringer Technology and the Premium construction with Double Layer Light Technology with additional third layer rail bands. This is the best style of inflatable SUP construction available on the market with an incredible stiffness to weight ratio. All of Fanatic’s Premium Fly Air models also feature a mastfoot insert for windsurfing rig option.

The Fly Air in the Stringer Technology construction comes in four sizes, 9’0”, 9’8”, 10’4” and 10’8”. The Fly Air Premium in the fusion style Double Layer Light Technology also comes in 9’0″, 9’8″, 10’4″ and 10’8″.

Double Layer Light Technology

The Double Layer Light technology is Fanatic’s premium construction. Featuring a second PVC layer, which is welded directly to the core layers and around the V-Drop Stitch material – the heart of each Fanatic Inflatable. An additional third layer of coloured rail bands round off the highly durable and premium quality, with stylish optics of the deck print.

The benefits of the Double Layer Light Technology when compared to the standard Double Layer constructions is a 20 – 25 % reduction in weight, and around 25 – 30 % increase in stiffness. Simply the best inflatable technology out there!

Stringer Technology

Utilising the best drop stitch material available on the market, Fanatic’s Stringer technology provides an outstanding durability / weight / price / performance ratio with its centre stinger keeping the shape strong and stiff, while reducing weight and price at the same time.

View the entire 2018 Fanatic inflatable stand up paddle board catalog below.

Check out which 2018 Fanatic inflatable paddle boards we have listed right now:

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