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Charting the Course: Ollie O’Reilly’s Vision and Impact at Starboard SUP

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From Paddleboarding School to Brand Leadership

Ollie O’Reilly’s path with Starboard SUP is a testament to his enduring passion for watersports, which began with his own stand-up paddleboarding school and evolved into a pivotal role in shaping the company’s future. As the SUP brand manager, O’Reilly is steering Starboard towards a future that remains true to its core values of quality, innovation, and sustainability, while also ensuring that the brand’s strategic direction and team cohesion are stronger than ever.

Maintaining Identity Through Design

Starboard’s visual identity, with its iconic blue and red colors, is a nod to its windsurfing roots and a symbol of its performance-driven ethos. O’Reilly has been instrumental in preserving this identity, while also leaving his mark on the brand’s design philosophy. His creation of the composite surf Limited Series showcases his ability to blend Starboard’s traditional look with a modern, minimalist aesthetic, balancing the brand’s heritage with contemporary design.

Envisioning the Future of Watersports

O’Reilly’s forward-looking perspective sees stand-up paddleboarding as the introductory platform to the wider world of watersports. He champions the sport’s accessibility and the health benefits it offers, positioning it as the starting point for enthusiasts to explore other disciplines. With a focus on quality education and safety for newcomers, O’Reilly’s leadership is poised to guide Starboard composite, and Starboard inflatable paddle boards to maintaining their position as an innovators and leaders in the watersports industry, all while nurturing a community that values the ocean and an active, environmentally conscious lifestyle.

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