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All New Red Paddle Co 12’6″ Sport+: Ultimate Paddleboard Innovation

Perfectly blending speed and stability to cater to the needs of advanced paddlers and extended expeditions, the newly revamped 12’6″ Sport, now the Red Paddle Co 12’6″ Sport Plus inflatable paddleboard, emerges as a highly adaptable cruiser and cross-country touring companion. Its design prioritizes performance, striking a harmonious balance between playfulness and practicality. With a broad 30″ wide plan shape, it excels in enhancing gliding capabilities, complemented by its sleek nose and the efficient Speed Tail, which efficiently slices through the water.

New Model

What truly sets this board apart is its exceptional stability, even in challenging, choppy conditions. This remarkable steadiness is achieved through its slim profile, measuring a mere 4.7″ in thickness, allowing it to maintain a low profile on the water, thereby optimizing balance while minimizing wind resistance. The standout feature of this revamped model is the utilization of our cutting-edge MSL®800 double-drop-stitch material, which makes the board not only lighter but also remarkably stiffer than ever before, further fortified by our patented Rocker Stiffening System (RSS) battens.

Red Paddle Co’s new MSL®800 is 800grams lighter per square metre, or about 2.5oz per square foot. Combined with a new x-weave drop stitch pattern, this material is lighter but just as stiff as the standard MSL. You’re saving about 5lbs in board weight for the 12’6″ Sport!

The 12’6″ Sport+ offers ample volume, boasting a capacity of 278 liters, designed for quicker inflation, making it well-suited for heavier riders and substantial cargo loads. It comes fully equipped with an adjustable cargo system, three soft-touch handles that enhance touring comfort, and a versatile traction deckpad that facilitates intuitive foot placement. In addition, the comprehensive package includes all the top-quality essentials from Red Paddle Co., and it’s backed by a reassuring 5-year warranty.

The new 12’6″ Sport Plus by Red Paddle Co will be available in early 2024. Register your interest now by emailing us or calling us on 1-888-252-4983.

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