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3 Types of Shaft Configurations for Paddle Board Paddles

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The kind of paddles you use in paddle boarding is what allows you to propel yourself through the water. The type of shaft configurations for paddle board paddles can vary. Your choice could depend on your height, whether you’re sharing equipment with others, and the variety of activities you’re doing on the paddle board. Familiarize yourself with the configurations below to better understand which is right for you.

Fixed or Adjustable Paddles

The first type of configuration you must determine for your paddle boarding gear is if you want your paddles to be fixed or adjustable. Fixed paddles mean you cannot adjust them to different lengths; what you purchase and then cut to size, will remain the same length no matter how you use it. You can go shorter of course, but the paddle length is fixed during use. On the other hand, an adjustable paddle can fit multiple measurements so that various people can use the same paddle, and you can enjoy various styles of paddling.

Two-Piece Paddles

A two-piece paddle consists of the main shaft and a telescoping handle section that fits inside the main shaft. You can alter where you set the handle shaft to accommodate various heights and paddling styles. This is great for when you share a paddle board with multiple people—this way, the configurations will fit their height no matter who uses the equipment, and how they use it.

Three-Piece Paddles

This type of shaft configuration for paddle board paddles is the most versatile because it allows you to deconstruct the paddle so you can travel more simply. A three-piece paddle consists of the same components as a two-piece, but there is an added join above the blade that allows the main shaft to be disassembled and reassembled.

How To Determine Which Is Right for You?

Will you share your paddle board with anyone else? Do you plan on traveling to various destinations with your SUP board? If you are not the sole user of your paddle board, it is always best to use an adjustable two-piece or three-piece paddle.

What you use your paddle board for could also determine which is right for you. For example, long-distance paddling would require a longer paddle over whitewater paddle boarding. Visit the Green Water Sports’ online SUP store for our selection of paddles in multiple designs and lengths to fit the user’s height and style.

Consider your height, what you plan to use the paddle board for, and who will use the gear before purchasing a paddle to ensure you’re getting the correct one. If you have any questions regarding Green Water Sports’ paddles, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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