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The new 2022 Naish Inflatable SUP Range

We just received the first batch of 2022 Naish inflatable stand up paddle boards. Also known as Season 26, or S26, this year’s range of Naish inflatable paddle boards sees small tweaks, graphics updates and a name change for the Glide models. Some of the changes for 2022 are included below.

What’s new for 2022?

  • Nalu are now fusion construction
  • Glides are now called Touring
  • Graphics updates to all boards
  • Updated cargo and accessory deck mount layouts on some boards
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For this season Naish has a complete range of inflatable stand up paddle boards for all types of riding, whether you’re cruising with the family, touring or racing. The Nalu Inflatable Fusion and the Alana Inflatable Fusion feature classic long board style outlines, similar to our Nalu line of composite boards. These are boards that are great for all around paddling whether you’re cruising with the family, riding small waves, touring or whatever. The Nalu version comes in a 10’6″ x 32″ and an 11’6″ x 34″, and the Alana version comes in a 10’6″ x 32″. Again, both feature fusion construction and a great all-around, very durable and long lasting construction.

The Naish inflatable touring boards for this season have a sleeker, longer outline, they’ve got bungee carry handles for going on long excursions, picnic trips, camping trips or whatever. They feature outlines that carry a lot of glide, so a lot of efficiency paddling whether you’re going on a short trip or a long trip. The Touring Inflatable Fusion comes in a 10’6 by 34″, 12’0 by 34′, 12’6 by 32″ and 14’0 by 30″, and the Alana version comes in a 11’0 by 29″ and 11’6 by 32″. So we’ve got long and narrow for people that are really looking to maximize their performance, and then slightly wider versions for people that want a little bit more stability and are paddling more for pleasure, for bigger or heavier riders for example that want to enjoy the same touring performance but in a more stable platform.

We of course have the continuation of the Naish One, which is a successful one design racing class. The boards are 12’6″ x 30″ inches wide and are fantastic all around stand-up paddle boards whether you’re competitive racing on a level playing field, or just want a board that you can go and play and have fun with, whether you’re an experienced paddler or someone new to the sport. It also comes in an Alana version which is exactly the same construction, exactly the same dimensions, just with a different graphic. These both feature fusion drop stitch construction for great all-around long lasting durability.

For this season we have two sizes of our classic crossover inflatable, the 12’0″ x 34″ and an 8′ x 28″ grom crossover. The crossovers feature an m8 insert for attaching a windsurfing rig and they also feature a second fin box on the bottom of the board for creating great lateral stability for either windsurfing or wing surfing. If you’re getting into wing surfing and you want to use your wing on your inflatable stand-up paddleboard, these are the way to go. So it’s really a one-board does it all sort of configuration as you can stand up paddle it, a great all-around touring board, great size for people of all levels and experiences, wind comes up a bit you can add a windsurfing rig or a wing and extend your fun even on windy days.

The Naish Maliko Inflatable Race Boards come in both a carbon fusion and a carbon light construction. The shapes are exactly the same, mimicking incredible race performance of our composite race boards that are multiple world championship winning designs. These are stiff, lightweight and very very efficient. The carbon fusion construction is better for heavier guys and the carbon light is a single layer construction that is not quite as durable or as stiff. The boards are lighter so they’re better for lighter riders, female riders, kids, people say under 160 pounds and the carbon fusion is probably better for people over 160 pounds. The Malikos feature additional carrying handles for getting in and out of the water for both sprints and long distance, and handling of your board on and off the beach. They’ve got a wide carbon stringer both top and bottom for additional stiffness, making these nearly as stiff as a composite board, yet lighter than a comparable composite board. So if you want really good performance in something you can roll up and pack in the back of your car without compromise, the Maliko Inflatables are absolutely the solution. The Malikos feature a US fin box as well as an accessory deck mount, to attach your GPS or POV camera to record your training sessions or see how long you’re paddling. Along with the full carbon stringer top and bottom, the Malikos are high pressure rated, so you can pump them up to incredible stiffness for amazing efficiency, even when paddling in choppy water.

Almost all models are in stock and ready to ship. Boards are selling fast so be quick to claim yours. Any qeustions about the Naish 2022 inflatable stand up paddle board range, contact us via email or on +1-888-252-4983.

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