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How to install the RSS battens on your Red Paddle Co SUP

The Red Paddle Co RSS batten system is fitted to the 3.93″ thick  9’2″ Surf Star, 9’6″ All Water and 10′ Surfer boards and the 5.9″ thick 12’6″ Race, 12’6″ Elite Race and 14′ Elite Race boards. This is a quick guide on the best way to insert your RSS battens into the pockets/sleeves along the board’s rails, to make your board the stiffest inflatable on the market! Red Paddle Co RSS battens can improve the stiffness of your inflatable SUP board by 30-50%.

Read more about the battens here or see them in action here.

Inserting the RSS battens

pump-up-your-red-paddle-co-boardFirst you need to inflate your Red Paddle Co board enough so that it holds it’s shape but is still relatively flat. This will make it easier to insert the RSS battens.

1-insert-red-paddle-co-rss-batten-into-sleeveStand the board on it’s side and with the batten in your hands, slowly insert the end into the pocket. The sleeve may be a little stuck together, so push gently.

2-slide-batten-down-sleeve-keeping-it-straightPush the initial part of the batten in. Remember to keep the RSS batten straight as you push it into the pocket.

3-push-down-on-rail-to-straighen-out-sleeve-and-insert-rss-battenPush down on the rail of the board. This will release any pressure on the RSS batten sliding through the pocket due to the curvature of the sleeve/board outline.

4-final-pull-into-rss-sleeve-pocketNow stand nearer the front of the board and pull the RSS batten towards you using the rope attached to the end.

5-tuck-string-behind-rss-batten-to-minimise-dragOnce fully inserted, you can tuck the rope behind the RSS batten to minimise any unnecessary drag in the water.

Removing the RSS battens

To remove the battens, first deflate the board so most of the pressure has been released then.

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Grab the red rope attached to the end of the RSS batten and standing near the back of the board, pull the RSS batten towards you whilst pushing down on the pocket to keep the batten flat. Depending on how flat the board is, you may not need to push down on the pocket.

Keep pulling the batten out of the pocket, while keeping it straight, until it is completely removed. Don’t forget to put it back into the board bag for the next session!

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