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Red Paddle Co – Leaders in inflatable paddle board design & technology

Leaders in Design

Red Paddle Co was borne out of the mission to introduce the sport to everyone. It is taken us ten years, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears to master the craft of making the very best inflatable paddle board. We call this craft Tec Air. Tec Air is our brand promise to deliver the absolute best products. We have an extensive research and testing process before any product goes into production, to ensure it meets with our high expectations. It then takes us 72 hours to make each individual board. That’s ten times longer than the industry average. We are the only brand that runs our own production process. This control allows us to dive into every detail, this is what really sets Red Paddle Co apart.

Monocoque Structural Laminate

Our trademarked MSL material is unique to us and the absolute benchmark an inflatable board technology. wW specify and control everything from weave patterns, thread lengths and even the coating densities. Part of that 72-hour build is our quality control processes, the most rigorous in the industry. Our extreme environment testing is carried out on all components and materials, which is vital to deliver ultimate durability and performance. When you add in our patented RSS and FFC technologies, you get a unique product that is only available from Red Paddle Co, we don’t make boards for anyone else.

Titan Pump

Using a design for disassembly methodology, our Titan pump is leagues ahead in terms of efficiency and power, but it can also be easily maintained to keep years of reliable service. All this is encased in one of the most robust board bags on the planet.

All Terrain Bag

Our backpack provides a brilliant user experience with padded shoulder straps heat reflective liner and integrated wheels all connected with bonded nylon threads.

We are obsessed with making the best, safest and most reliable inflatable paddle boards in the world.

Check out the full range of Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPs here.

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