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Starboard 2017 stand up paddle product guide

We’re pretty excited to announce the 2017 Starboard Stand Up Paddle Board range. Obviously, we’re focused on the Starboard inflatable paddle boards. We’ll be taking delivery of the first batch of Starboard 2017 Inflatable SUP boards around the end of the year, but that doesn’t stop us from checking out what’s on the way and showing why we’re so excited.

Well, first off I’ve got a new 8’0″ x 28″ Pro Carbon wave SUP coming for which I am very excited but need to work on my diet so I can at least paddle the thing and hopefully surf it too! But back to the main reasons. For 2017, Starboard are stepping up their whole inflatable paddle board line. The Deluxe models are a big step up introducing a fusion style construction we first saw in the 2016 Red Paddle Co boards. This fusion construction vastly improves board integrity, finish quality and providing stiffer and stronger boards all round. It constitutes fusing the first layer of PVC to the drop-stitch core and then machine laminating the layers together. This avoids many potential human errors, gives a neater more consistent gluing of layers with no excess glue used which keeps the weight down. If the difference between Red Paddle Co 2015 and 2016 boards are anything to go by, we are in for a treat.

Additionally to the fusion construction, the carbon stiffening rails have been refined into outer rail bands and lengthened to provide better stiffness as well as the compression rail bands now made of carbon fiber.

Along with the new fusion construction for the Deluxe models, Starboard has greatly improved on the Magic Bag. Now called the Magic Suit Case, it is a top level travel bag with wheels and shoulder straps.

Finally, among the obvious visual upgrades, you may notice the move to FCS Connect fins for the center US fin box. These are completely tool-less to insert and remove, which can be done in mere seconds. The Zen models also benefit from the move to FCS Connect fins.

Other upgrades for the Zen: well basically the 2017 Zen is a merging of the 2016 Zen and Deluxe models. The 2017 Zen now features a 2000 Denier center stringer strip and 2000 Denier sandwiched rail stiffening strips. Overall greatly improving stiffness and performance of the “entry-level” Starboard inflatable paddle boards. The Zen bag is slightly updated for 2017 with new graphics.

If those upgrades weren’t cool enough, Starboard is now offering a 2 year warranty on their boards as they stand behind their product and view boards like this as an investment for many rather than throw away toys. This comes on the back of a big eco push across the board for Starboard as they try to become a greener manufacturer and support the environment where so many of their products are enjoyed.

Another thing, Starboard wants to make sure all inflatable paddle boards are used safely and responsibly and will include a very nifty bungee style leash with all the inflatables.

That’s about it for now. We eagerly await the arrival of the 2017 boards. In the meantime though, the 2016 models are on sale, check them out here: Starboard 2016 on sale.

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About the author: Julian Kidd
I have been an avid stand up paddle boarder since 2009. I retired from a decade of professional kiteboarding to focus on SUP. Green Water Sports grew from this love of all things SUP. As well as being a keen paddle boarder, I'm a football fan, closet petrol head, web tinkerer, husband and father.