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The Red Paddle Co Ride Family of Inflatable Paddle Boards

The 2023/2024 Ride range of inflatable stand up paddle boards by Red Paddle Co is out and available.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Ride Range Overview: The Ride range of inflatable stand-up paddle boards from Red Paddle Co is designed for beginners and families, offering confidence and versatility in various water conditions.
  2. Board Features: Key features include a comfortable EVA deck pad with grip-enhancing red logos, convenient padded handles, an elasticated front bungee system for securing gear, and durable, flex-friendly fins with the iFin system.
  3. Board Specifications: The boards are 4.7 inches thick, striking a balance between stability and responsiveness. They feature a toe-in fin design for straighter tracking and better control.
  4. Model Variations: The range includes the 10’6″ model for general use and confidence building, the 10’8″ for heavier riders or family use, and the 10’2″ for lighter riders or those interested in surf environments.
  5. Additional Technologies: The 10’2″ model includes the patented RSS stiffening battens, enhancing board stiffness by up to 40%, ideal for surfing and offering increased control in wave environments.

Exploring the Ride Range: Let’s take a closer look at the Ride range of boards from Red Paddle Co. These boards are the ultimate choice for boosting your confidence on the water, whether you’re a first-timer or seeking a versatile family board suitable for various conditions. The Ride range offers more than what initially meets the eye.

Comfortable and Grippy Deck: The boards feature a super squishy, comfortable EVA deck pad, making it easy and comfortable to get on and off the board, whether standing or kneeling. They are adorned with numerous tiny red logos, which not only enhance their appearance but also provide essential grip to control the board and prevent slipping.

User-Friendly Design: These boards are equipped with big, padded, comfy handles to simplify carrying. Additionally, the Ride boards have handles at both the front and the back, allowing for easy maneuvering in the water or carrying by two people. They also boast an elasticated flat bungee system at the front, enabling you to securely carry any equipment you need on the water.

Innovative Fin System: On the underside, you’ll find our iFin system, which is permanently attached to the board. This design ensures you won’t lose the fins, and their ability to bend and flex can withstand the rigors of use, eliminating concerns about breakage. These features contribute to the popularity of the Ride boards, especially among first-time paddlers.

Board Varieties and Features:

  • 10’6″ Model: Ideal for beginners or those seeking confidence on the water. It’s a part of one of the very first designs from Red Paddle Co, dating back to 2008. This model provides stability and glide, featuring a width of 32 inches and a length of 10’6″, making it both agile and smooth for cruising.
  • Board Thickness and Material: The boards are 4.7 inches thick, using an exclusive material known as MSL, designed from scratch by Red Paddle Co. This thickness ensures optimal stiffness, lowers the center of gravity compared to thicker boards, and is less affected by side winds.
  • 10’8″ Model: Suitable for heavier riders over 100 kg (220 lbs) or those looking for a high-volume board to share with family and friends. It offers ample space and stability.
  • 10’2″ Model: Designed for riders under 90 kg (200 lbs), ideal for sub-surfing or lighter riders. It’s slightly smaller in dimensions and is 4 inches thick, reducing its volume to 182 liters for better control and lower water position. This model includes the patented RSS stiffening battens, increasing board stiffness by up to 40%, particularly useful in surf environments.

In conclusion, the Ride range from Red Paddle Co is the perfect choice for those venturing onto the water for the first time or for enjoying paddling with family and friends. Happy paddling!

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