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Length and Width of Stand Up Paddle Boards

George at Red Paddle Co looks at the relationship and differences between length and width of a stand up paddle board.

Generally speaking on the Red Paddle Co all-round or beginner boards, they start about 32″ wide. That is a fantastic stable board, and any wider all you’re doing is increasing the stability. So if you’re a beginner or a heavier rider looking to get the very most out of those early steps on the board, then maybe look at over 32″ wide. As soon as you go under 32″, like 30″ or below, you then start to look at increased speed and glide of the board. This is where length comes into play. Ultimately the longer the board, the faster it will be through the water and the width dictates how it will perform. The narrower and longer the board is, the more streamlined the shape can be, and therefore the easier it will cut through the water. Ultimately giving great glide and speed.

The shorter you go, the more agile the board becomes. So depending on the width, it will give different characteristics and feeling when paddling on the water. A great starting point for people looking to buy their first board is the 10’6″ Ride MSL. This is the perfect length to give great glide and speed but also still feel nice and agile and responsive, and at 32″ wide, it makes a very stable platform for beginners families and anyone just looking for a versatile board to take out with them.

Check out the Red Paddle Co Ride range of inflatable paddle boards.

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About the author: Julian Kidd
I have been an avid stand up paddle boarder since 2009. I retired from a decade of professional kiteboarding to focus on SUP. Green Water Sports grew from this love of all things SUP. As well as being a keen paddle boarder, I'm a football fan, closet petrol head, web tinkerer, husband and father.