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How to roll up your Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP

Alex from Red Paddle Co walks us through the simple process of rolling up your inflatable SUP and securing in your back pack.

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How to roll up your inflatable SUP

  1. Put Titan 2 Pump on nose of deflated board
  2. Roll board tightly around pump
  3. Use board strap to secure board
  4. Twin fins make it easier to roll up boards
  5. Put board into ATB Transformer back pack
  6. Secure board in bag with second strap

Hi and welcome to another Red shorts. I’m Alex from our product guru team and today I’m here in South Devon at Slapton Sands. We’re going to be looking at how to roll your Red Paddle Co Ride up. So let’s dive straight in.

So, I’m good to go. I’ve got my bag set up, my Red Paddle board is deflated. That’s going to help me roll it up nice and tightly to get in the bag. I’ve got my board strap ready and my pump. So first thing I need to do is take my Titan 2 Pump and I’m going to put it on the nose of my board, leaving a little bit of nose so I can wrap over and secure the pump in place.

I’m then going to work my way up the board, rolling it. Keeping the pump and board nice and tight as I go along, making sure the pump and rails are as square as possible. The tighter I roll my board, the easier it’s going to be to get into my all terrain backpack.

So when I get towards the end of the board, I can take my board strap, slide it underneath and then wrap it round to secure it. You’ll notice on our 2021 and 2022 boards we now have two iFins. This makes it much easier to roll up and secure your board with that tensioning strap. So I’m using the tensioning strap, it’s nice and secure. I can now pop it into my all terrain backpack. Now that my board is in the bag, I can use the second securing strap to fix it in place, for minimal movement when I’m carrying it. Clip it in place, use the tightening strap. Now I can close the lid, zip it up. Now I’m ready to go on my next adventure.

Visit us for more on Red Paddle SUP boards, and contact us via email or call on 1-888-252-4983 with any questions.

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