2023 starboard best inflatable touring stand up paddle boards

The best price on Red Paddle Co inflatable paddle boards

2023 red paddle co best inflatable sup paddle boards

At Green Water Sports, we pride ourselves on offering the best inflatable paddle boarding equipment on the market, at the best price. We match the best inflatable paddle boards with the best paddles, leashes and accessories; it’s equipment we use ourselves every paddle session.

We paddle what we sell.

I for one have a 10’6″ Ride by Red Paddle Co, a 12’6″ Touring Deluxe by Starboard and a 8′ Pro Surf Blue Carbon by Starboard. Along with multiple paddles by Red Paddle Co, Starboard and Accent. We also use the very same Red and Vamo leashes we offer with each package.

Find the best price on Red Paddle Co inflatable paddle boards

All boards include free shipping*. Red Paddle Co are the industry leaders in inflatable stand up paddle boards. Why settle for less when you can have a Red Paddle Co inflatable paddle board at up to 40% off right now.

Save $600.00!
Save $560.00!
Save $525.00!
Save $600.00!

Knowing the ins and outs of all these products from years of use and enjoyment, we can focus in on the products that perform the best, are built the best, and are backed up by their brand with exceptional support. With this knowledge we go to the brands and secure the best prices on inflatable paddle boards. They know we ride the gear we sell and will support us to help you find the right board for yourselves.

So if you’re not just looking for the best price on Red Paddle Co inflatable paddle boards, or the best prices on any paddling boarding equipment, but having to chance to speak to someone who actually uses the gear every chance they get, then speak with the experts at Green Water Sports. Paddling for over 10 years now, and still just as stoked for the next session as when we first started!

If you have any questions about the Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP range, or looking for our super special best price packages, please contact us here, or on 1-888-252-4983.

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About the author: Julian Kidd
I have been an avid stand up paddle boarder since 2009. I retired from a decade of professional kiteboarding to focus on SUP. Green Water Sports grew from this love of all things SUP. As well as being a keen paddle boarder, I'm a football fan, closet petrol head, web tinkerer, husband and father.