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The Call – A Red Paddle Co Film

“The Call” is a film presented by Red Paddle Co, capturing an inspiring journey of determination, endurance, and the profound connection between an individual and the vast beauty of nature. The film takes us through an adventurer’s quest to conquer the Great Glen, a monumental paddleboarding challenge in the UK known for its breathtaking scenery and the sheer test of stamina it demands. The challenge involves traversing through canals, rivers, and locks, blending the serene flat waters with the technical prowess required to navigate the downwind on massive locks. It’s an epic journey that promises to leave a lasting impression on those who undertake it.

The film introduces us to Jamie Harman, driven by a passion for water sports, someone who has long aspired to take on the Great Glen due to its status as one of the UK’s most epic challenges. The narrative unfolds with the adventurer expressing a mix of excitement and nervousness, acknowledging the daunting 92 km distance that would test his limits of endurance and strength. Despite the physical demands and potential for injury, the determination to push through the pain and manage the challenges of long distances in cold, unpredictable conditions shines through.

Central to the story is a reflection on personal life, where balancing family responsibilities, work, and the pursuit of passion becomes a theme. We learn about the protagonist’s history with water, a lifelong connection that has been somewhat sidelined by the responsibilities of parenthood and life’s unpredictable turns. Yet, this challenge serves as a beacon, calling him back to the water to reclaim a part of himself and demonstrate the resilience and dedication required to balance his love for paddleboarding with his commitments on land.

The journey through the Great Glen is not just a physical challenge but an emotional voyage that reconnects him with memories of loved ones lost, with moments of solitude on the water evoking warm reflections and a sense of peace amidst the struggle. The film poignantly captures the highs and lows of endurance racing, from the initial fast pace and subsequent realization of having pushed too hard too soon, to the slow, painful recovery and the eventual resurgence of strength and determination.

In the end, “The Call” transcends the physicality of the challenge to explore deeper questions of why we pursue such tests of endurance. It suggests that while we may not always have the answers, the experience itself—the call of the challenge, the beauty of nature, and the journey of discovery—is what compels us to keep moving forward, paddle in hand, towards the horizon of our own limits and beyond. This film is a testament to the spirit of adventure and the unyielding call of the wild that echoes in the hearts of those who dare to answer.

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About the author: Julian Kidd
I have been an avid stand up paddle boarder since 2009. I retired from a decade of professional kiteboarding to focus on SUP. Green Water Sports grew from this love of all things SUP. As well as being a keen paddle boarder, I'm a football fan, closet petrol head, web tinkerer, husband and father.