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Surfing the Red Paddle Co Compact 9’6″

It is a common question about the Red Paddle Co 9’6″ Compact, whether or not it is decent in surf? Its shorter length and larger fins certainly suggest it would outperform the Ride models, but perhaps not the Whip. The 8’10” Whip is the dedicated wave riding board in the Red Paddle Co inflatable paddle board range. However, the Whip is on the smaller size, so if you’re like me at 6′ and 195 lbs, you’re looking for something larger. Side note: the Whip is still good at my size, but only if conditions are perfect. Next size up is the 9’8″ x 31″ Ride  which is a great shape with great capacity but only the small iFins for ware surfing grip.

Save $800.00!

The Compact 9’6″ is based on the popular 10’6″ Ride, so it already has excellent all round abilities, but will the larger and stiffer Click Fins, and larger volume of the Compact 9’6″ (over the Whip and 9’8″ Ride) make it a good option for surfing? Rueben at SUPboarder take us on a family outing to the beach, to test whether the Red Paddle Co Compact 9’6″ will surf the waves.

The 9’6″ Compact by Red Paddle Co is redefining what to expect from an inflatable stand up paddle board. Ultra portable, excellent all round and decent surf abilities, what’s not to like? Finding the one single board to do it all, always involves some kind of compromises but it seems the Compact 9’6″ has found a way to make very few compromises, and still pack into the smallest iSUP bag on the market!

Read our full review of the 9’6″ Compact, complete with detailed images and video of all the unique MSL Pact features.

For any follow up questions about the Compact, or any other inflatable SUPs we have available, please contact us on 1-888-252-4983 or via the contact page.

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About the author: Julian Kidd
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