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    Common beginner error backwards SUP paddle

    10 tips for stand up paddle boarding beginners

    Don't be that guy or that girl. Avoid the most common first time paddle boarder mistakes by following our list of 10 tips for the beginner stand up paddle boarder. Whether you are renting a SUP and paddle, you've just bought your own gear, or you've been out a... Read more →

    SUP paddle the wrong way or backwards

    How to hold a SUP paddle

    One of the most common, if not the most common, faux pas in paddle boarding is to hold and use the paddle the wrong way around! Don't worry, everyone does it, even yours truly had a few moments where paddling felt weird and worked funny until I realized that t... Read more →

    Stand up paddle leash tucked away

    Calf or ankle? Coiled or straight? Which style of SUP leash is right for you

    The SUP leash is a crucial part of your stand up paddle boarding set up. When purchasing your SUP leash, there are a few things to consider. You'll want to think about the style of SUP paddling you'll be doing, where you will be paddling and a few personal pre... Read more →

    paddling with your core stand up paddle board work out

    Stand up paddle board basics – Using Your Core

    Sam Ross on his inflatable Red Paddle Co Ten Six SUP, gives us some insight into how to better use your body while stand up paddle boarding. It makes your paddling more efficient so you can SUP faster and for longer. Read more →

    stand up paddle boarding workout and fitness GWS

    Why is stand up paddle boarding so good for us?

    Paddle boarding is a great all over body workout. Head to toe, every muscle is engaged in balancing on the board or during the paddle stroke with the bulk of the effort being done by the body's 'core' muscles. As the name suggests, the core muscles are integra... Read more →

    Pump Gauge for Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPs

    Measuring the pressure of your inflatable stand up paddle board

    When you first start pumping up your inflatable stand up paddle board by Red Paddle Co, you'll notice that the needle on the pump gauge may not move very much. This can be worrisome until you discover the way the pump, gauge and the valve on the board work. ... Read more →

    SUP life vest and inflatable PFD Type 3

    US Coast Guard rules for stand up paddle boarding

    Paddle boarding is awesome fun. We get to paddle out on our SUPs into the world and explore. You might be paddling on a deserted river, tropical island or inner city canal but the enjoyment is still the same. To be able to repeatedly enjoy great paddle session... Read more →

    Inflatable SUP pump Ezee and K pump

    4 of the best inflatable SUP pumps tested

    UPDATED Jan 30, 2015: There is a new player in town, the revolutionary Titan Pump. See which Red Paddle Co boards ship with the Titan pump here. I often field questions about how easy or hard it is to pump up your inflatable stand up paddle board. It us... Read more →

    rss25psi stand up board inflatable

    The definitive inflatable SUP stiffness guide

    Is it stiff enough? It's a common question in regards to inflatable stand up paddle boards. Stiffness or rigidity directly effects performance and is justifiably a concern when looking at inflatable SUPs. Well, at Red Paddle Co, they have patented technology t... Read more →