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2020 Starboard Inflatable 12’6″ Touring Zen

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The 2020 Starboard Inflatable 12’6″ Touring Zen is a budget conscious version of the acclaimed Starboard Touring boards which have cruised lakes, rivers, bays and oceans all around the world for the past few years. We have seen them on podiums at many local races. A highly efficient shape for cruising and exploring with good glide to cover distance for riders up to 240 lbs.

Suited for riders up to 240 lbs, the 12’6″ Touring in the new Zen linear drop stitch and welded construction combines a balance of speed, stability, manoeuvrability. The narrow nose helps to shed water and makes you feel that ultimate glide sensation. The straighter midsection improves board stability, a more efficient paddle stroke and glide, and with the wider tail, you can step back more easily to perform a steady and balanced turn.

Featuring Starboard’s, Welded Seam Technology, the 12’6″ Touring Zen is the ideal board who want performance and quality on a budget.

Comes with 2 YEAR warranty.

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2020 Starboard 12’6″ x 30″ x 6″ Touring Zen

For 2019, Starboard injected 25 years of board building innovation into their inflatable board program. Their main focus was to build their boards stiffer, lighter, more stable, safer and way more durable. One feature, one of many unique to Starboard, is their Welding Technology. The welding technology carries over into 2020 as a proven technology with industry leading quality and durability.

What’s new for 2019?

  • The Zen Lite Is now Zen
  • New Zen Bag

Zen – New Linear Drop Stitch

Starboard’s leanest, lightest and most budget friendly construction. Stripped down to the core essentials. Built with single layer linear drop stitch, double rail band and heat welded rails. The new tool-less fin system is quick and easy to set up.

Linear alignment of space yarns, oriented only in warp direction (the direction of the board’s length), maximizing the stiffness and response. Linear dropstich also secures the board’s shape better over time compared to standard knitted dropstitch. Linear dropstich with single layer coating is the lightest offering in our collection. What does it mean for you? An ultra light board with the best stiffness that single layer technology can offer, you can feel the acceleration.

More responsive, stiffer & lighter

  • Welding Technology. Mechanical bond = strength and durability
  • 6″ (150mm) dropstitch for a good balance between volume and stiffness
  • US Box tool less center fin
  • Recycled 2mm crocodile skin EVA deck pads all the way to the tail of the board
  • Center carry handle
  • Integrated tow ring in the valve area and bottom of the nose
  • Forward cargo area with bungee strap

Heat welded rail – Bonded for life

  • Welding technology turns 2 pieces of material into a single solid unit, resulting in an extra-strong mechanical bond.
  • A mechanical bond is stronger, lasts longer and is better for the environment.
  • Welding creates a complete airtight seam without the risk of glue weakening over time.

Starboard Zen Bag

  • Simple and yet useful
  • This is the leanest and lightest board bag you can find, fitting together with Starboard’s Zen trend
  • Back pack straps and wheels
  • Strong, non corrosive zipper

V8 Double Action Pump

  • Inflate your board with faster and easier continuous pumping cycle both in down and up actions
  • With a switch, the double action pump can convert to single action for easy inflation up to 18PSI
  • Allows effortless inflation due to the increased diameter of the intake and exhaust valves
  • The ergonomically designed foot pad creates a stable, comfortable platform for sustained effort in getting your board up to 18PSI, in the shortest amount of time

Welding Technology

Heated and bonded for life. Glue is never forever. Mechanical bond = Strength and Durability. Starboard’s new welding technique turns two into one – using heat to bond two separate pieces of PVC into a single solid unit. Heat-welded PVC creates a mechanical bond that’s stronger, lasts longer – and is better for the environment.

Since the beginning inflatable boards have been glued together at the seam, so the boards only last as long as the glue. Over the last few years Starboard have worked with welding machine manufacturers to develop better machinery for seam welding. Then they helped train their selected OEM assembler to utilize this unique technology in Starboard’s exclusive production lines, resulting in a long lasting mechanical bond.

The exclusive and innovative lightweight Starboard SUP leash will be your best paddling partner in flat water and touring conditions. Soft cushioning means it will compress and flatten when stood on. Compact in design and at only 70g, it is strong, comfortable and effortless to wear. The leash cuff is made from Yulex, a natural rubber with 80% less carbon footprint than normal neoprene. Leash is NOT suited to waves or white water.


  • Length: 12’6″
  • Width: 30″
  • Tail width: 19.2″
  • Thickness: 6″
  • Volume: 351 liters
  • Weight: 22 lbs board only
  • Max payload: 240 lbs/110 kg
  • Fin: 8″ US Box tool less fin
  • Warranty: 2 years

What’s in the box? This board comes with Starboard’s Zen SUP Carry Bag, fin, V8 Double Action High Pressure Pump and a small repair kit.

View the 2020 Starboard Inflatable Manual.

View the 2020 Starboard Inflatable Maintenance Guide.

Additional information

SKU 2012200601008
Shipping Weight 40 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 38 × 15 × 15 in



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