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The Starboard Inflatable 11’2″ x 31+” iGO Deluxe SUP Windsurfer, or WindSUP, is the ultimate transportable all round windsurfing inflatable paddle board. The Blend Deluxe SUP Windsurfer is 6″, which improves overall stiffness and improves performance and carrying capacity.

The 11’2″ x 31+” Inflatable iGO Deluxe WindSUP is a great all-rounder that blends stability and glide. It provides a great balance of length and width that’s ideal for learning windsurfing, progressing and efficient SUP paddling. Fun and versatile, it is perfect for all round use. Good directional stability through its 11’2″ length and sleek 31″ width. It provides very good glide paddling in flat water and is stable enough for small wave use. It is a great all-round performer.

This Starboard inflatable windsurfing SUP comes with a mast attachment point, checkout the optional sails, rigs and associated accessories available here.

Two YEAR warranty.

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