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Starboard Enduro Tufskin Hybrid Carbon Adjustable 60-84″ 3 Piece Paddle


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The Starboard Enduro Tufskin Hybrid Carbon Adjustable 60-84″ 3 piece SUP paddle combines durable construction, popular blade size and ease of transport ideal for travellers and inflatable paddle boarders. It has 24″ (60-84″) of adjustability to ensure proper fit for a wide range of paddler heights and types of uses. Its Tufskin blade can even be used for general use and white water paddling due to its extreme strength and durability.

The direct, powerful and extra precise paddle blade shape, gets you from zero to hero. The wide lower part helps create a maximum efficiency area even if your stroke is not yet deep enough into the water. That wide lower part is also great to lean on for stability in the waves and has won 3 world titles in the last 2 years.

This paddle delivers excellent performance, durability and value!

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The Starboard Enduro Tufskin blade is perfect for all round general use, beginners and white water paddling due to its lightness, extreme strength and durability. The Tufskin blade comes with the Hybrid Carbon 3 piece shaft making it exceptionally good value and great for travellers. The new Hybrid Carbon shaft looks like carbon and is 223 grams (8oz) lighter and stronger than last year’s. The paddle can disassembled to a small 35” length making it ideal for travellers and inflatable SUP boards.

Tufskin Enduro Blade – Durable Performance

  • Strong and extremely durable ABS foils based on the Enduro shape.
  • Slim profile reduces weight for improved efficiency.
  • Perfect for whitewater paddling and schools due to extreme strength and high impact resistance.
  • Great value due to strength and high-quality shape.
  • Teardrop blades have a powerful catch due to the wide area on the tip.
  • Enduro shape is great for power paddlers and for those who are surfing and need to really dig in to get a quick start and maximize each stroke.
  • With 13° angle, the blade works in many different conditions.
  • 13° is the perfect angle to push you out of the water fast enough to catch a wave.
  • 13° is a great angle to cruise on a lake as it won’t require too much technique to achieve a pleasant speed.
  • The center concave improves paddle grip and stability.
  • The Enduro is more direct in the water: the first catch feels incredibly precise and powerful. Increased cadence due to smoother water flows around the blade.

3 Piece Adjustable 29mm Hyrbid Carbon Shaft

  • 3 piece paddles connect using a secure spring pin system  and Tiki clamp.
  • When fully detached, measures only 35″ and fits easily inside the Re-Cover Bag.
  • The wide Tiki clamp for a quick and effortless release.
  • Carbon shaft is 20% lighter
  • The combination of precision cuts and tight tolerance between inner and outer shaft dimensions, let the light secure pin keep the shaft together, feeling and working like a single piece shaft.

New Tiki Super Smooth Clamp

  • Redesigned clamp.
  • 100% of grip on inner shaft for an effortless and optimum grip.
  • Reduced water infiltration.
  • Does not include Shaft Register system for alignment.

Overall Features:

  • Hybrid carbon 29mm S35 stiffness shaft. Strong and economical, 75% Carbon and 25% Glass 3 piece adjustable shaft
  • Enduro M size blade: Area 81 sq. in / 525 sq. cm
  • 3 piece paddle
  • Longest section when disassembled is 35″
  • Adjustable range: 152 – 213 cm (60 – 84 inches)
  • Weight: 32 oz or 907 grams.
  • Fits in travel bag

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