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2021 SIC 17’4″ x 26.6″ Bullet Air Glide

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The 2020/21 SIC Maui 17’4″ x 26.6″ Bullet Air Glide boards just got a serious upgrade in both performance and safety.

The Bullet now has a double air chamber with the second air chamber running from just in front of the fin box through most of the board. This not only creates a failover should you ever have a problem with the main chamber when offshore, but it also helps to make these longer length boards even stiffer and perform even better in touring and downwind conditions, at the lowest possible weight and 15-20 psi.

These all-water, multi-discipline, shapes are versatile, convenient and yet offer performance that will not deflate your ego or compromise your experience. SIC’s materials selection, shapes and constructions dictate performance and prove that not all inflatables are created equal. Made from the finest Drop Stitch Construction (DSC) and Double Chamber Fusion Skin Technology (FSTx2) these boards are light, stiff and fast.

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2021 SIC Maui Bullet Air Glide 17’4″ x 26.6″

Technology: Fusion Skin Technology W/ Double Chamber (FSTx2)

The Fusion Skin Technology (FSTx2) is used on both the outer body and inner bladder, making these some of the stiffest boards on the market and of course some of the safest. Now you have compact performance and safety all in one board. This board also complies with many of the new regulations for offshore paddling whereby a board needs to have a secondary air chamber.

These bladders are inflated/deflated separately. The chamber provides provides failover should you ever have a problem with one chamber while out on the water. The internal chamber also makes the board even stiffer than a single chamber board. The main and secondary chamber of the FST construction is the stiffest skin material you can build an inflatable with.

This material has a low-stretch/high tensile skin which is heat fused onto the back of the outer PVC outer skin. This stiffer skin, when inflated combined with the compound curves of the rails makes this board super stiff at only 15 psi although the board can also be inflated to a maximum of 20 psi.

Fusion Skin Technology

  1. Fusion Skin Technology
  2. High tensile drop stitch fibers (DSC)
  3. Double sidewall constructoin (DSW)
  4. Diamond grooved EVA deck pad
  5. Comfort Air Glide handle
  6. Stainless steel leash d-ring
  7. High pressure air valve
  8. Universal US Fin Box
  9. Cargo net

  • Fusion Skin Technology W/ Double Chamber (FSTx2): Double Air Bladder
  • 9.0” Weedless fin (nylon)
  • Diamond grooved EVA deck pad
  • Center carry handle
  • Bungee tie downs
  • Dual action pump
  • Leash
  • Wheelie backpack
  • Repair kit with spare fin plates
  • All boards come equipped with Air7 polycarbonate fin box which is stiffer, stronger, and easier to repair. Its low-profile design reduces drag and makes you go faster.

Board inflation steps:

  1. Inflate outer chamber to 5 psi
  2. Inflate inner chamber to 5 psi
  3. Inflate outer chamber to 15 psi, maximum inflation pressure
  4. Inflate inner chamber to 12 psi, maximum inflation pressure

Board deflation & pack-up steps:

  1. Deflate inner chamber
  2. Deflate outer chamber
  3. Pre-roll the board from tail to nose, to ensure that the inner chamber is fully deflated
  4. Final roll the board from nose to tail, to ensure that the outer chamber is fully deflated, and that the board can then be packed in the transport bag in which it is delivered

Points to be respected to maximize the lifespan of your inflatable SIC Maui Air Glide stand up paddle board:

  • Do not exceed the maximum recommended inflation pressure.
  • Do not use an electric air compressor, it may result in poor performance or damage the board and will automatically void all warranties.
  • Deflate the board by at least 1-2 PSI when not in use but exposed to full sun/hot temperatures.
  • Re-inflate and check the pressure before returning to the water.
  • Check the tightness of the valve regularly, using the tool supplied with the board, and re-tighten when necessary.
  • Don’t carry the board on top of your car/vehicle when inflated.
  • Rinse your board down regularly with tap water, and especially when putting it away for winter etc., paying particular attention to the valve.
  • Avoid rolling your board too tightly when putting it away in its bag after use.
  • During winter, keep your board very slightly inflated, store it flat, out of direct sunlight and in temperatures not lower than 0°C.


  • Length: 17’4″
  • Width: 26.6″
  • Thickness: 6″
  • Weight: 33.4 lbs
  • Volume: 420 liters
  • Max payload: 300 lbs
  • Inflates to 20 PSI

View the SIC Maui Inflatable SUP guide.

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Shipping Weight 35 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 34 × 20 × 12 in



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