red paddle co inflatable stand up board car tire valve adaptor
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Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUP Schrader Valve Adaptor


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Use your compressor or tire pump to easily reach 20 PSI! The Red Paddle Co inflatable stand up board valve adapter will allow you to connect any standard electric pump, foot pump or compressor to the schrader valve fitting, the standard valve for car and bicycle tires. It twists into the Halkey-Roberts style inflatable SUP valve and works on the majority of inflatable stand up boards. It is also suitable for boats and kayaks which also use the Halkey-Roberts valve for inflation.

Be very careful not to over inflate your board or craft, and check the board's pressure frequently. We can recommend the K-Pump Kwik Check Standard Pressure Gauge or the K-Pump Kwik Check Back Mount Pressure Gauge for this.

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Remove your SUP valve cap and ensure that the valve is sealed for inflation by rotating the central pin into the outer/closed position.

Insert the valve adapter into the SUP valve the same way as you would insert the pump hose nozzle. Connect any standard schrader pump to the valve adapter fitting to inflate your board. Monitor board pressure frequently while inflating!

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