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Red Paddle Co Carbon 100 Adjustable 70-86″ 3 Piece Paddle


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This performance paddle uses a carbon weave for greater strength whilst keeping the paddle super light and responsive.

The blade shape is a teardrop design with a single dihedral blade face. This allows water to flow evenly off each side creating a smooth and stable stroke, whilst the double concave offers the user to really put the power down. The structural foam core and ABS rail increases durability whilst reducing weight, so you can paddle further, for longer.

Who’s it for? Those looking for a high level of performance on a budget.

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Practical and perfect for travelling, with no compromise on performance. It splits into three parts so it effortlessly fits into your backpack, meaning you can get out and explore with ease!


The new cam lock system enables quick paddle length adjustment with unrivalled grip, reducing any movement in the top section of the paddle. The camlock system has an “auto-line” feature that means the handle will always be lined up with the blade.


  • 3 piece paddle
  • Usage: All round
  • Blade: Carbon – 81 in2
  • Shaft: Carbon
  • Longest section: 36 inches
  • Adjustment: CamLock with shaft centering groove
  • Adjustable range: 180 – 220 cm (70 – 86 in)
  • Weight: 27.5 oz or 780 grams
  • Fits in Red Paddle Co board bag

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