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Ignite your passion for water adventures with the exhilarating new Red Paddle Co 14’0″ Sport+ inflatable paddleboard, your gateway to high-speed touring and competitive racing, all wrapped in a shape that welcomes all users. Glide through the water with unparalleled ease and precision, making every ride an adrenaline-filled journey. This swift tourer is the dream of experienced riders craving the thrill of speed and versatility, as well as ambitious paddlers aiming to break into the racing scene or simply accelerate their pace.

With its 28″ width, the 14’0″ Sport+ masterfully combines breathtaking speed with effortless stability, making it the perfect companion for pushing your limits and setting new records. Its design features elongated, parallel rails and a streamlined nose, topped with a Speed Tail for efficient water release, ensuring you enjoy superior tracking and glide with every stroke.

Experience the lightweight innovation of Red’s MSL800 double-drop-stitch material, which makes the board nearly 4.4lbs lighter than standard constructions, without compromising on strength. The integration of the patented Rocker Stiffening System (RSS) battens amplifies the board’s stiffness for a ride that feels both secure and dynamic. The variable traction deckpad ensures precise foot placement, while adjustable flat bungees and trio of soft-touch handles offer unmatched comfort for long tours.

Who’s it for? This board is your ticket to unforgettable water adventures.

Includes 5 YEAR warranty with product registration.

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