Ke Nalu Elite Maliko SUP paddle
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Ke Nalu Elite Maliko Paddle

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The Elite Maliko blades and paddles are the lightest SUP paddles on the market and yet they are stronger than paddles that weigh three times more. They are not just light, the weight difference is all in the blade, so it’s all swing weight. Most paddles weigh at least twice as much.

Maliko Blade is 8.5″ x 16″ and 95 sq. inches, total paddle weighs 495 grams. This is a very powerful paddle, but the wobble-free design means it´s easy on your arms and shoulders. The only paddle on the market that is lighter is the Ke Nalu Wiki. Most racers and surfers will find the Maliko to be ideal. It hits the sweet spot for combining power and rapid recovery to give the greatest efficiency.

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To configure your paddle, you will need to choose a shaft and a handle. For shafts we also offer the Ke Nalu Quick Clamp carbon adjustable ($30 extra). For handles we also offer the Ke Nalu very versatile Extended Ergo T handle ($50 extra) and the Long Extended Ergo T with Adjustable Bracket ($58 extra) as selectable options. These fit Ke Nalu paddle shafts only.

The Elite Blade is pre-preg woven carbon fiber over a high density PVC foam core providing an extremely strong strength to weight ratio. Unique lightweight ferrule and industrial grade hot melt glue connection to shaft. Blade shape has been optimized for power and performance through all phases of the stroke and features a dihedral face and slight curve to the tip for increased catch. Choose from one of three sizes – Wiki, Maliko, or Molokai.

Shaft features a pre-preg twill weave carbon fiber construction with a textured ‘sharkskin’ finish. Our elite shafts have a slightly smaller diameter than is typical and are tapered to provide a controlled flex between the upper and lower hands.

Elite 90 Flex shaft length: 63”. This shaft bends a little more than the 100 flex and also flexes below the lower hand. If your elbow or shoulder joints are compromised the 90 flex will smooth out power application and give your joints more cushion.

Elite 100 Flex Shaft Length: 63”. Our stiffest shaft bends slightly between the upper and lower hand. This gives some cushion to the upper hand without compromising paddle response.

Elite 100 Flex Long ($25 extra) shaft length: 67”. An extended version of the standard 100 flex for the taller paddler.

The Quick Clamp Adjustable shaft giving paddle lengths from 57″ – 87″ is ideal for shared, friends or family use. It can also be used as a temporary travel paddle with the longest section being only 3′.

Paddle arrives requiring assembly. Please view these tutorials for info or contact us with questions.

Ships from Oregon to USA only. Paddle graphics subject to change.

Additional information

Shipping Weight 5 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 82 × 10 × 4 in

100 Flex, 100 Flex Long, 90 Flex, Quick Clamp Adjustable


Classic T, Ergo, Ergo T, Extended Ergo T, Extended Ergo T & Adjustable Bracket

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